Doing up the dolls house




This morning I was full of energy (mainly because I’ve taken a phentermine tablet – diet pills – see previous blog post about it, which I haven’t done in ages because they interfere with my sleep but I am fed up of hubby losing tonnes of weight and me not being able to get into the zone. I need a bit of help, again). Anyway, so I was full of energy and wanted to get some stuff done. One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for ages but needed a spurt of energy and creativity, is to give Lala’s doll house a bit of a makeover. As you can see, in the following picture, it needed a bit of love and attention. There was actually some paper in the top level (lino or carpet if you like) but it had faded and wrinkled and had things spilled on it so I ripped it off as you can see:



I used pretty decorated paper to line the top level again.


I also lined the steps and glued them down as they kept coming out and being left strewn all over the floor.



I added some wall decorations:




This is the finished article. I’m very pleased with it!











Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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