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OK, this has been a bit spur of the moment – and yet I have already set up an email account and Twitter account for this venture. 

Anyway, I was thinking about mental health issues after spending some of yesterday crying in the loo at work, and I remembered how great it was to talk about it at Britmums Live at the weekend. And about how it made me feel if not normal then at least I wasn’t alone in my madness.
So I thought about trying to restart my Mental Health Monday Linky that I had a while ago but thinking about it I realised that the commitment to host a blog hop every week and write an intelligent post about it was perhaps beyond me. So I thought, why not host a linky. If I can’t make it (once its picked up – which hopefully it will) I can get someone else to stand in for me and if I’m feeling really rubbish it will hopefully pick me up to talk to some complete (some not complete) strangers about it.
So there you have it. Job done (well, I’ve announced it). The Twitter chat will be held on a Wednesday from 9-10pm. I have found that 9-10 is a good time, because 8 can be too early as the kids are still being bastards (excuse french) and if I’m tired I can host it from my phone in bed. I chose wednesday because its the middle of the week. I thought about monday as I often feel depressed on a monday and also because when searching twitter chats there weren’t many on a monday – but perhaps that’s cos we’re all too depressed to get involved in anything that early in the week. UPDATE: After talking to Beth Bone (@BB576), Single Mother Ahoy (@SingleMAhoy) and Rosey (@PNDandMe – who also runs #PNDHour on a Wednesday night from 8-9pm), I have decided to go for my instinct which was to have it on Monday night after all. I’ve decided 8-9pm would be good because the kids are MOSTLY in bed by then (if not I’ll have to shout at them to shut up in between tweets) and if I’m tired its over by 9pm and I can go to bed!!!! 
So I hope you will come.
Monday nights from 8-9pm UK time.
The hashtag is #MHMonday.
Please come along and join in!

One Thought on “Mental Health Chat #MHMonday #pbloggers #mentalhealth

  1. I like the sound of this. I find it hard to commit to things sometimes, but I’m struggling a bit at the moment so it would be good to connect with others. I’m really going to try and get involved.

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