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I’m sat in a pub at lunchtime. I decided that being cooped up in the office this lunch wasn’t an option. I also decided that while the idea of just going for a walk and finding somewhere to eat my lunch was nice, I needed something a little more obvious and instant. So I headed to the pub nearest to the office. It’s already 12.46 and I left the office at about 12.05 so I really need to head back soon but it has been just what I needed after feeling rather blue post Brit mums live!  

I have been writing in my new Live Scribe notebook with my new Live Scribe pen. I was basically making a list of my Highlights of the weekend.  Because rather than making a huge blog post that lists the experience of BritMums through my eyes, I just going to do it as a kind of check list of my highlights. That way it is short and sweet and won’t seem like a massive chore on my part – like last year’s post became a bit in my eyes and it took me forever to do.
Right, 12.49 now. Need to leave at 12.55 really so 6 minutes to go.
I think the hardest thing about being back at work is that I felt so much like “me” at Britmums live. And at work I feel like I’m trying to be something I’m not really meant to be. The work is fine – I can cope with that. But it’s the atmosphere, the environment. I need to learn to cope well with this without losing the person I become at BritMums (which I think is the me that I become when I am not concerned about what people will think of me (because I know from experience from last year that everyone is lovely and they will all accept you for who you are!) and not shy about handing out my business cards, and I can be proud of what I do and hug people that look like they need a hug and drunkenly paint willies on my fingernails……
Anyway, better go back to work 🙁
My bank account demands it!!!!!


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