Good enough & Can I go back now? #britmumslive #goodenoughmums


Please help me. I want to be back at Britmums. I’m at home with my beautiful lovely children and I just want them to leave them alone and play on their own. They were just now running around making each other laugh and it was cute and funny. Until it was annoying and then they ran into the sitting room and play room (bad mummy is drinking wine on the decking) and soon the laughter turned into screaming and one of them had got his arm caught in the play room sliding door. I am fast losing patience. The husband is stressing because his frigging beer is going wrong which to be quite frank I couldn’t give a toss about today. I have just literally chucked the kids on the sofa and stuck the telly on as I’m fed up of their agro.

Yes, I am a crap mother. Actually, no, you know what? I am good enough. Good enough for today. I think if I was as shit a mother as I have just been, I would probably send my own kids off to Social Services (joking – I haven’t harmed them – they did that themselves, and I haven’t neglected them, much). Right now, all I want to do is plan my next phase of blogging/pblogger activity and relax with a glass of wine and continue to be in the Happy Britmums place that I was in until last night. I don’t like reality. I don’t like being Abi instead of Mum in a Hurry who also started PBloggers. I need another couple of days!!!!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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