Disney Junior Play App Review

This is the last review I’m going to agree to do for a while as I just don’t have the time for them and have rather lost my enthusiasm for blogging – see last post. I know I will find it again so don’t despair or stop following me or anything. I’m just rather struggling with a few things right now and would rather not have the added pressure.

This is a rather rushed review as I have put it off and put it off and I feel like a terrible person for accepting an App store voucher, using said voucher, and then not paying up my share by producing a review. So here goes. My rather rushed attempt.

The app in question is the Disney Junior Play app. It is aimed at 0-5 year olds but both my kids (girl aged 3.5 and boy aged 5.5) tried it out and both love it. I downloaded the full package (using some of the voucher I was given) – you can just download it for free but I wanted to test out the full thing and I really think it is worth the money. I went for the bumper pack, which, at £4.99 does seem like quite a lot but you get a lot of playing power with that price.

When you (or your child) first goes into the app, the first thing you (or they) need to do is set up a profile. This is good because it means that each child can play separately from each other, without messing up the other’s gameplay.

In order to download packages, you have to key in the answer to a simple mathematical question – it is good that they have this precaution, but please make sure you also have your settings set up correctly – so that either In App Purchases are disabled (if you want it that way) but at the very least so that whoever is using the device has to input a password before buying any content.

Once you have the full package this is what you get. There are five main game sections:

  1. Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  2. Doc McStuffins
  3. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Farmyard Fun
  4. Disney Junior favourites
  5. Sofia the First A Royal party

Jake and the Neverland Pirates
– loot lookout (co-ordination game – catch the loot in your boat which you move by dragging left or right)
– pirate castles (artistic- decorate castle with stickers)
– Sticker book
– ahoy pets (co-ordination and response time – tap the animals that pop out of the bushes)
– cubby map mix up (puzzle)
– Yo Ho Mateys Away Song

Doc McStuffins
– Glow Again Glow-Worm (co-ordination – tap the bits of the glow worm that stop glowing to make them glow again)
– What’s the Weather (dress up according to how the weather looks out of the window)
– Sticker Book
– Rub-a-Dub Toys (rub dirty toys with a sponge to clean them up)
– Raindrop Rescue (catch rain drops in your watering can)
– The Water, Water Song

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Farmyard Fun
– Wacky Wardrobe (dress up)
– Apple Catch (coordination – catch apples in a basket)
– Sticker Book
– Hay Away (rub the “hay away” to reveal what is hidden underneath)
– Mooosic Match
– ‘Hot Dog’ Song

Disney Junior favourites
– Mickey’s Party Pop
– Jake’s Treasure Trove
– Sticker Book
– Sofia’s Princess Dress Up
– Doc’s Kit Cleanup

Sofia the First A Royal party
– Gems and Jewels (decorate your crown)
– Time for Tea (coordination)
– Sticker Book
– Ballroom Makeover
– Memory Magic
– ‘Make It Right’ Song

The day that I got introduced this app to my kids, they had been playing up a little bit. Just generally pushing the boundaries. In the end I told them I had a nice surprise for them and told them if they helped me tidy up, they could play with a new App I’d got them. It seemed to do the trick and they came in line a little. Once they sat down and started playing, I have to say, I had a lovely hour of peace and quiet. They were totally engrossed. There is a good selection of different games in each section. There are co-ordination type games where you have to either catch or tap something. There are dress-up and arty decoration type games. There are sticker book games (self explanatory really), musical games, memory type games. It really is an alround impressive app, even for the £4.99 cost.

Here is a link to the app and a couple of photos of my engrossed children!!! (note the chocolate covered mouths!!)

Link to Disney Junior Play on iTunes




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