Where has my joy of blogging gone

Today we went to the Surrey County Show.


I am writing this from my phone in the bath as it seems like the only place where I think about blogging. The urge just seems to have (mostly) up and left me.

I started my new job 2 weeks ago so that has been keeping me mentally and physically occupied and when I get home I don’t want to do much other than watch tv. Game of Thrones is my latest addiction.

I’m also (slowly) starting to get back into fitness. My knee injury a few months ago seems to have settled with physio and rest and now I feel ready to get back into it. I so joined Weight Watchers again. We go on holiday in less than 9 weeks and I want to feel good about myself. I have my first session with a personal trainer tomorrow. He drew up a programme for me yesterday and I’m really looking forward to getting cracking. I also started swimming last week. Just to do something that wasn’t too heavy on the knees. I enjoyed it so I may do the gym twice a week (one of those being a PT session) and swimming once.

Another thing that has been getting me excited is a thing called “Smashbooking”. It’s a bit like scrapbooking but a bit more slapdash (or however you want to do it really). And that is probably another reason I’ve been neglecting my blog a little. I know I should blog ABOUT the pages that I make but I guess I’m just finding my feet and testing out the waters. Here are a few pages I made recently:




Well, I suppose for someone who has lost the joy of blogging that isn’t too bad.

I guess I should quit procrastinating and just do it!!

3 Thoughts on “Where has my joy of blogging gone

  1. Roy on May 26, 2014 at 22:42 said:

    Game of Thrones……..Yeesssssss …..but I only watch it for its artistic content…lol

  2. Smashbooking looks amazing.I lost my joy for blogging for ages. It’s come back though, blogging like crazy lately. You do pretty good, lots of regular posts xx

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