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I am so tired but I feel like I really should write a post. My last post was on the 2nd May which was a week or so ago I guess.

A few things been happening since then. Its my last day at my current job tomorrow. I also have a new job to go to the following day. Its a permanent job and its a project manager job (junior project manager technically but I don’t mind that – gotta start somewhere). Its not far away from home – maybe 20 minutes. 30 max.

I have decided that I am not going to tell my new colleagues about my blog. I will keep it a secret. Hopefully. I just don’t want the thought of people reading it stifling my writing. Not that I’ve been doing much of that lately! I’ve either been playing ANOTHER silly farming game on my iPad or watching TV (when I’ve not been putting the kids back to bed again and again – I’m talking about the evenings here obviously).

Ben has been away for 2 weeks. Well, it will be 2 weeks on Sunday when he comes back. He should be here around 7am. I will be handing the kids over to him and then running screaming out of the door! Only kidding. They’ve been fine. Its been fine. Its just very handy having another person there to put them to bed or get up with them. And of course I have our aupair Bella who is and has been a fantastic help but its not fair asking her to put them to bed for me. She already does things like feeding the chickens when I forget or feeding the dogs sometimes. She’s putting them to bed tomorrow night as I’m out for a few drinks after work.

I’m not sure how I feel about leaving. Part of me is glad and can’t wait for it to be over. Part of me thinks everyone is glad to see the back of me (the paranoid part of me). Part of me is wondering if my desk will be decorated tomorrow morning for my last day. I’ve only been there 6 months, so will they bother? Am I worth bothering about with that kind of thing? I have to be honest, I love being made a fuss of. And a huge part of me wants there to be ribbons/streamers across my computer and goodbye (or whatever) sprinkles all over my desk, and balloons and things…. Maybe I’m expecting or hoping for too much. I don’t even know if anyone is coming to my leaving drinks tomorrow night. Honestly, I don’t know if they like me. Why am I even talking like this? It seems so silly. Especially as its my last day tomorrow.

Anyway, so enough with the negative talk. New job on Monday. I don’t have to be in until 9.30am so I should be able to leave at 9 or ten to and get there in plenty of time. I’m hoping to go shopping on Sunday when Ben gets back so I can buy one or two things – new pair of work trousers, maybe a few tops…. But I’m worrying I’ll just make myself feel bad as I’ve been struggling to keep weight off. Well, actually I’ve not been struggling. I’ve just been eating too much and not really trying to stop myself. That’s the truth.

However, now I’ve seen the physic about my knees and I have some exercises to do and some instructions for the gym instructor and I am going to book myself into see a personal trainer. I need to get fit and lose some weight in time for summer and Turkey. I need to feel good about myself!

I’m really tired now. Going to post this and then sign off. Maybe once I’ve had a quick go at my game!!!

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  1. Roy on May 8, 2014 at 22:45 said:

    Need any help with the diet ?

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