I’m worth it!

Written a couple of days ago…..

Well, I wanted to write a post directly, as I feel like writing but my site is down and I’m waiting to speak to a help person at my hosting company on chat (30 minute wait time – although it has said the same 30 minutes for the last 10 minutes so I’m dubious it’s even working!!!).

I’m feeling good. I’ve been feeling so down lately. No confidence in myself. I’ve known for a week that I have a 2nd interview tomorrow but for some reason that hasn’t even cheered me up. However, I just got a phonecall about another interview. The company wants to see me tomorrow. I couldn’t do the morning as that’s when the 2nd interview is so I’ve got that one at 4pm!!! I feel wanted all of a sudden. I seem to be quite in demand. People seem to think I have skills that are worth pursuing. I am a little lost. The part of me that has no faith in me, just doesn’t know what to say!

I still feel stuck being here. I need to move on. But I guess that will be happening come what may, at the end of next week.

I’ve also put on weight lately. I’m back up to 13 stone 11. My comfortable size (the weight that I’d managed to get down to due to the diet pills and exercise) was 13 stone 5 lbs. So I’m not happy about that. I’ve been comfort eating over the last few weeks. And due to my hurt knee I haven’t been able to do any exercise. However, I am trying to slowly take small steps to rectify this and improve my habits. I have:

* Started wearing my fitbit again and am keeping an eye on my steps and trying to be more aware of how much I am moving
* Started trying to be healthier in what I eat – although having 4 peices of cheese topped garlic bread and some olives for my dinner probably wasn’t the most healthy thing to do – today I’m having salad for lunch when I go to pick Lala up from nursery and definitely having something with veg tonight for dinner.
* I did some exercises last night before bed. Stomach exercises. Tonight I will do some weights to work on my arms/shoulders. Small steps.

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  1. Roy on May 2, 2014 at 19:34 said:

    Cheese……… Tsk Tsk

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