Notebook fun

I bought myself a notebook the other day, to cheer myself up. As you do.

I felt a bit guilty as I often buy myself notebooks but then don’t really use them for anything. So I had a think about what I wanted it for and decided that I wanted it to be something that I carry around with me. Daily to do’s, inspiration, that kind of thing.

I also decided that it needed a few extra things. It needed a band to keep the pages together. So I made one out of a hair band. It also needed somewhere to put my pen. So I used some more of the headband and created 3 loops to put my pen in. Which work like a dream!!!

















I’m going to leave it there for now as the layout of my blog tends to go a bit funny if I make the posts too long! Hope u like what you’ve seen so far.

5 Thoughts on “Notebook fun

  1. I’m loving your new notebook, I remember when I used to buy books like these from W H Smith back in my early 20s. I used them for writing down my thoughts, things about my day and everything that was on my mind that was either bugging or upsetting me. Felt like if I wrote it all down and closed the book then my worries would be rid from my mind (if that makes sense?)

  2. Looks great, as a teen I filled my diaries with photos and thoughts and at the end of the year I would send it to my best friend who lived 2 states away. She still has them. Now that I blog I tend not to keep journals and have even stopped scrapbooking. Bit of a blog addiction I think! Nice to meet you anyways Abi! Connecting with you now!

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