Surprise trip to Prague

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This is a little diary blog post entry of our weekend in Prague that my lovely husband booked as a surprise for me for HIS birthday (I guess also an unintended Mothers Day gift).

Friday 28th March – in Airport Lounge

My sneaky naughty husband has booked a weekend trip to Prague. We were on our way supposedly to Brighton when my husband started to take a bit of a funny detour. We ended up pulling into purple parking at Gatwick.

I asked him what we were doing there and he said “We aren’t going to Brighton. We are going to Prague. For the weekend”. Not Brighton for the night!! Sneaky bugger. I know I should have been so pleased but I just burst into tears. I think it was partly the shock. I just wasn’t expecting it. It was also that I had prepared myself for what I thought was going to happen. I have become a creature of comfort and routine of late. I was expecting to be in the car for another half hour or so and then we would arrive at our hotel (Ibis City Centre in Brighton), chill in our room for a while. Maybe have a bath then get ready for a night out – an opera show. Then lie in a bit, have breakfast, pack up, head home. See the kids.

Things have changed and the plan is different. Great different but different. We are in Gatwick in the Serviceair Lounge right now drinking our way through wine (Ben is on gin and tonics) and nibbling on olives. I’m watching an episode of Blacklist. Having to watch it through 3G though as the wifi here is crap so the picture is very bitty.

Food at lounge

Food in the airport lounge! Wine counts as food, right?

me and ben selfie

Ben and me selfie. Can’t actually remember when or where this was taken. Possibly in the airport, maybe later in the hotel.

Friday 28th March – on the Plane

We are on the plane. I have had a bit too much red wine in the lounge – maybe 3 glasses. We just took off. This plane is packed with 20-30 year old men! Stag do central! It is just starting to kick in. That we have a whole weekend to ourselves. I feel guilty as hell. But am also looking forward to two lie ins and a lot of relaxing. I love my husband. He may annoy me to hell and back sometimes but he has his moments!!!

Friday 28th March – on arriving at hotel

We are now at the hotel. Just freshening up and then heading out for some drinks – although I could happily go to bed!!! Must try to enjoy it and make the most of it!!!

Got a lovely room. Hubby apparently told them about my blog. Comes in very handy sometimes I must say!!!

The Hotel we were staying in was the Hotel Terminus which was going through a bit of renovation. Hence why we got a very nice room for a decent price. The staff were all very attentive and accommodating (I asked for an extra duvet as was cold the first night – didn’t actually need it after that as just figured out how to turn the aircon down!!!). They also provided Ben with an iron to press his trousers for our night out on Saturday). There was access to free Wifi. The building work was very minimal (almost un-noticeable) and will probably all be done by now as I’m writing this a couple of weeks after our actual trip. They will now be the Hotel King David

Hotel room table

Sitting area

Hotel room bed

Lovely bed – if a twin….

Hotel Room bathroom

Nice bathroom

Friday 28th March – late in the evening

At a restaurant.

I wanted to go back to the hotel. But Ben wants some food. I haven’t eaten anything since the airport lounge in Gatwick – actually no, some crisps on the plane – but am strangely not hungry. Had a pint of beer at a bar just now.

Feel like I am being a massive party pooper but it has been a long day. It’s ten to eleven uk time (ten to 12 local time) and I’m shattered. So looking forward to my bed. The restaurant has cocktails and hubby just exclaimed “oh look Abi, they have cocktails” but I just couldn’t face one right now.

Hope I have more energy tomorrow.

Writing this from the restaurant toilet.

Friday night pasta

The GORGEOUS pasta that I was too tired to finish!

Saturday 29th March – Beer Garden in Prague

We are sitting in a beer garden at the top of a hill in Prague. It’s very pretty. A bit of a knackering walk but totally worth it.

I should probably start with last night. After the food we walked back to the hotel. Once in bed, Ben seemed to be in a right huff with me. I thought it was because he wanted to have sex as it was technically his birthday and I had kind of said we would although at the time I had thought we would be in Brighton and would have been to the opera and I would be dressed up and a bit drunk, not in Prague (not complaining) totally exhausted at 1am. Also I’m on a period and the idea of sex at that time totally grosses me out – although it doesn’t bother me. After a few minutes I couldn’t take the atmosphere anymore. I wasn’t going to sleep until we got this resolved. I turned the light on and sat up and told him to tell me what was up.

It turned out that he had been mulling over something that happened on the plane. When we were queuing to get through the gate, there were some guys who were obviously going to Prague for a bit of a booze fest. One of them had tattles on his arms a bit like Wentworth Miller out of Prison Break who was a bit of a crush of mine when the show first came out a few years ago. I am not going to try to defend my behaviour but I will first say that I had drunk near to 3 glasses of red wine last in the airport lounge and I was feeling rather merry. As we were standing in the queue I made a comment to the guy about his tattoos. I don’t think I was overtly flirty or letchy but I was quite pissed so I may have come across as worse than I intended. Then we got on the plane and found that these guys were sat in front of us. Now I didn’t mean to be a heartless mean woman to my husband on his birthday but I was feeling chatty and so I did kind of engage in conversation with the guys. Mainly because being a group of men, they were quite loud and it was impossible to hear what they were talking about. Anyway, it wasn’t tattoo guy that I was talking with particularly. It was more the guy next to him who was talking about his girlfriend or wife and his baby. We ended up talking about ballet lessons and I showed him a photo of Lala at one of her ballet classes. So, yes, I did notice tattoo guys arms but I wasn’t in any way trying to make him notice me. I was tired and a bit of a mess. Still not happy with my weight. Wearing no makeup. Felt like I looked like shit. To be quite honest I did not think anyone would take any mild flirting seriously as no one would ever look twice at me – not in that state anyway!!! I honestly didn’t realise the effect I had on Ben. Which was to make him feel very jealous and like I don’t notice him and am not interested in him at all. All of which is not true. At least I don’t mean it to be true. It’s just we have been married for nearly 15 years. I love him. He drives me mad. He talks at me incessantly when I just want to sit and chill. He cooks wonderful meals. He buys m chocolate when I most need it. He makes me salads for lunch so I don’t end up eating crap and spending money. He puts the kids to bed so I can go to the gym/classes. He buys me expensive underwear. And of course he books surprise weekend breaks to Prague (the last one was about 10 years ago and was a romantic valentines trip to Venice) – we have had plenty of other holidays and trips but these were not surprises.

Really he is a wonderful man and I need to pay him more attention.


Beautiful trees up on the hill above Prague


A tough walk, especially if you have a bad knee, but totally worth it!


The weather was beautiful

The view from the hill


A beautiful city

The rest of the weekend

That is the end of the diary that I wrote out there. I didn’t really have much time to write anymore. So I’m writing the rest now.

We slept in until 10am on Saturday morning and went down to get breakfast.

breakfast saturday

Breakfast – or what was left of it by the time I remembered to take a photo!

After breakfast, we headed on into Prague on the tram.



We went to a very nice cafe right in the central square which served out of an old tram. However, it took so long for them to bring our coffees (in fact they never did), that we decided to leave and go somewhere else. And we found a Starbucks! Yay!


ben taking photo

We saw some funny people and things….




Prague is a beautiful city



Saturday night we went to the Opera


Then we went to have some food.



Sunday morning we went to have a beer bath at Bernard Spa – I would highly recommend it. It leaves your skin feeling gorgeous and you feeling thoroughly relaxed. And a little tipsy – as you get as much beer on tap (while in the bath) as you want!!! We followed the bath by a massage which was even MORE relaxing. I actually floated out of that place!!!!


mmmm beer


ok just don’t show my boobs!


Mmmm bubbles

After the beer spa, we got a snack and some coffee…


I LOVE chips and mayo

Then we headed into town and passed a great toy shop, where we popped in and got the kids some birthday presents (we got them little toys later on in a gift shop)


Toy shop!


A shark in the street As you do!


I tried to take a photo of this guy but he put his hand in front of his face and pointed at the money box on the floor. I felt really bad for being so cheeky. He’s got to sit there all day dressed like that, entertaining people, why shouldn’t he be paid for photos. Once I’d put a coin in the box, he was very friendly. As you can see!


We had some very yummy curly potato snacks….


We stayed to watch the clock in Prague centre


A beautiful clock


Then we walked across the bridge and some other tourists offered to take our photo in front of one of the monuments.


We went to the Julius Mendel cafe a couple of times. Their tea and coffee is to die for – oh and the cheesecake isn’t bad either!!!


We sat for a while after walking up the to top of the hill and back. We sat on a bench watching the world go by and I fed the pigeons some of my hot dog bun. There was one that had a limp that I tried to give more food to. I called him Limpy the Pigeon.


Another one from the beer bath

selfie 2

Another selfie


The sky on Sunday. It was beautiful


The view from the top of the hill


Another view from top of hill

I did have a fantastic weekend. Thank you my dear hubby for taking me on such a wonderful surprise weekend.

But I did miss the kids. Look what they made for us for our return!!


A Lovely Welcome Home

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