How is it possible to feel so unwanted and abandoned. Its illogical I know. I run the risk of my work colleagues reading this as some of them now know about my blog, and thinking I’m even more of a loon than they already think I am.

I know I’ll get over it. but right now….. this is how I feel:

Thrown away
Laughed at
Foolish (for thinking that they would find a job for me here)
Unstable – because I’m so angry and upset (perhaps irrationally)
Unsure of the future – where will I end up working? Will it be nice, will it be local, will it be with people who like me
Insecure – no-one has said anything or commented on my FB status to say that they are sorry I’m leaving – although I know I have until 9th May
Like I want to run away
Like I need a big hug 🙁

13 Thoughts on “Unwanted

  1. roy on April 1, 2014 at 17:21 said:

    Sending you a great BIG HUG ……still holding you …….

  2. Here is a very big hug from me x x x

  3. Massive hugs to you xxx

  4. Oh hunny that’s awful – big bloggy hug coming your way xx

  5. Here’s a great big hug. I am going through a difficult time at work just now and can sympathise. I hope they surprise you. But in the meantime here if you want to talk. Hugs x

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