Tummy bug

Well I didn’t make it to my meeting with HR.

I had not felt great Sunday night. I went to bed feeling a bit sick – thinking it was perhaps from too much popcorn and sweets at the cinema. Then at about 2am I had to rush to the loo to be sick.

I did make it into the office but I managed about 10 minutes before I had to go home. Just walking into the office hallway where people were making toast and coffee made me want to be sick again. I set up my computer, thinking that maybe I could stick around and try to get the meeting brought forward, but I couldn’t.

I spent the rest of the day in bed. I’d love to say it was nice but I felt so awful. I couldn’t even sleep. But i felt too ill to go downstairs and watch tv. I was too cold, then too hot, then I was sick again (around lunchtime). Around 5pm I managed a piece of toast. Then around 9pm I got up and had some tomato soup, watched an episode of Criminal Minds and then went back to bed.

I’m at home again today. Feeling a little better and managing to get some work done.

2 Thoughts on “Tummy bug

  1. Anonymous on April 2, 2014 at 09:31 said:

    As mothers, daughters, lovers, wives we often find
    ourselves in this situation… Our kids grow up and no longer need us, our jobs changes, our (or my) husband leaves us for a younger model … Life is all about change and challenges and purpose…. One door closes and another door opens !! I believe in faith , hope and the power of positive thought and things come our way that will only make us stronger !! Keep the faith !!

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