I passed my Prince 2 course

I found out today that I passed! Am so happy. I can now go off and be a Project Manager. Not sure that I want to be one just yet but hey, its good to have options!

I am currently downloading my next study project. Which is to learn Turkish. I am presently downloading the Rosetta Stone software for Turkish. Its bloody expensive but I’ve been told totally worth every penny. We shall see. I’m so tired but I want to get it downloaded before I go to sleep and Ben is up working anyway. My eyes are starting to droop!

I do feel quite positive. I’m amazed I passed. Actually I’m not amazed entirely. I did feel the exam went well, but then you never really know. I might have been kidding myself!! But I got 55 out of 80 which is 69% which is a mark that I am pretty happy with.

Right, Rosetta stone stuff has nearly finished installing. Good night folks.

2 Thoughts on “I passed my Prince 2 course

  1. Amazing – so well done! I hope you celebrated in style 🙂

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