Trying and trying and dreaming and dreaming #pbloggers

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try, people try to bring you down, or tread on you to make their own way up to the top (or higher up than you, anyway).

Tonight something has brought me down and I don’t feel like giving up (wouldn’t give them the satisfaction) but I really do feel like some people have some gall and it makes me a bit angry and a bit sad and a bit like just going to bed and having a cry.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be full of vigour and confidence and know that even if I may not be the best, at least I do MY best and I do it with consideration for others feelings and their efforts.

Also I do feel very lucky to have some wonderful friends and helpers/partners.

10 Thoughts on “Trying and trying and dreaming and dreaming #pbloggers

  1. Big hugs Abi. Sometimes people just do not have any consideration for others and do not realise that there are people who work hard behind the scenes on certain projects. We won’t let them take you down x

  2. roy denney on February 23, 2014 at 22:48 said:

    Don’t let the buggers grind you down…..

  3. But seriously… People can be very short-sighted in their assessment of others, leading, sometimes, to very unkind words that can be very hard to take. Hugs.

    • It wasn’t a case of unkind words. It was a case of someone trying to use my success to take a shortcut to their own. Just a lack of consideration and outright rudeness!

  4. Bah! Sod em! Sod em all! Sending you e-hugs and e-wine xxx

    Kate πŸ™‚

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