Post from the loo / Piles (haemorrhoids) #TMI

Warning. Topic might gross you out but if you’ve read past the title, I’m reckoning you might be able to cope!

So this post is brought to you from the loo. Someone told me that my post from the bath had made them laugh and they had never read a blog post written in the bath before!! So why not up that a little and bring you a post from the toilet!!! Euwwww you exclaim? Oh get over it!!! We all sit on the loo.

Anyway, as I sit here on the loo wondering if I’m going to be doing a number two anytime soon…. Wondering how much it’s going to hurt, how much my bottom is going to bleed afterwards… Horrible isn’t it. But it’s true!!! I’ve never quite been the same after Joshua. His birth was quite traumatic & the first, um, bowel movement after birth (I think it was 5 days later) almost broke me in two. I’ve had problems ever since. It comes and goes. Sometimes, particularly if I’m, what’s the word, “regular” it’s fine and dandy. And then I get a little bit bunged up and I have a particularly difficult “movement” and they come back again.

Piles: little round grape-like things in or around your bum hole. They can itch, they can hurt. Me personally, they hurt like buggery (literally) when I have a poo and then my bottom bleeds for a bit and then I’m ok again (if a bit sore) for a while until my next number 2 visit.

I have some ointment that the I got from the pharmacy but I don’t use it as much as I should because I hate using it – putting it on… you know. Someone told me about a spray that you can get. I might ask about that when I’m next in Boots.

I’m still sat on the toilet. With not much happening.

Have you had piles? Go on! Let’s talk about it!!!


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4 Thoughts on “Post from the loo / Piles (haemorrhoids) #TMI

  1. I have, and I found a prescription of movicol helped make me go. It’s a powder sachet that u mix with water and drink it, it’s rank but does the trick

  2. I gotta admit I used those sachets for a good three months and found I was finding it easier to go and now I don’t use the sachets and find it easy to go, although there is somedays when I can’t but that can be fixed with the help of a sachet every now and then lol

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