Feeling Stuck – mind dump

I just googled “how do I stop feeling stuck” and found this article.

Basically, I am feeling “stuck”. And I don’t really know why.

So I am going to take the advice of the article above and do some of the things it suggests.

The first thing that is actually an action that I can do (the other things seem to be just ways of thinking about things, rather than something you can do) is 4. List what’s on your mind. So here goes… First I will list actual things that I’m thinking/worrying about:

  • My job – will it become permanent?
  • Prince 2 exam – in 2 weeks – will I be ready?
  • Money – I’m always overspending!
  • Life in general – wish I was home more
  • PBloggers/Blog – wish I could run them as my own business – and no longer “work” in the traditional sense

Before that, actually item 3 on the list, the article suggests using image streaming – “which not only helps you become aware of the images and sounds and words in your mind but also increases your creativity, language skills and measurable IQ. For those who ‘don’t see pictures’ in their minds, this is ideal.” I don’t know exactly what they are suggesting they do but I think what I’m going to do is create a Pinterest board and stick some images in there. In fact, just done it. Here you go.

That’s as far as I’ve got. I’m still feeling stuck. Not sure if that helped! It just gave me something to focus on for 10 minutes!!!

What is it with me? Why do I get bored so easily? Why do I feel like I need to up sticks and move to the country to live the good life. Urgh!!! Just feel so…. like I’m not quite there. Things aren’t quite right. I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing? Am I always going to feel like this? Should I just accept it and get on with life and stop bloody moaning about it?

3 Thoughts on “Feeling Stuck – mind dump

  1. Superweird but I really know this feeling! When I was a SAHM with my son until he was two, i thought it was because I missed working but now I’m back at work, I wish I had more time at home to do things. I think the root of mine is partly that our one big goal in life – the buy our own house isn’t quite attainable yet (getting there though!) so I feel frustreated and I also thing I haven’t really got my work/mum balance right (I went back full time). Now with another little one on the way, I really hope I start to feel ‘unstuck’ soon – great way to describe it! Bells @
    bellslittleones.com x

  2. And WOW apologies for all the typos!! 🙂

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