The truth about my weight loss – I’m taking weight loss pills

Man I’m relieved. I can actually talk about it now. I was keeping this a secret because I hadn’t told my husband but on Thursday I plucked up the courage to tell him and now I feel better and I can tell you guys. I think not being able to write about it (when right now its a huge part of my life) was part of the reason I had a bit of a bloggers block and why I haven’t written anything for a while.

So…. my confession.

I’ve been taking slimming pills. I know I know. Its cheating… Kind of. Except is it, because its still ME putting in the effort to exercise three times a week and to limit my calories to under 1300 per day (using My Fitness Pal). So really, I am doing all the work. The pills are just making it a little easier for me as it kills your appetite and makes you thirsty so half the time you are drinking so much water you are not hungry (I’ve heard it said that a lot of the time when people think they are hungry they are actually thirsty – don’t know if that’s true or not).

How I found out about them?

I will start from the beginning. I went to see a friend a few weeks ago and while I was there chatting to her, telling her about how I was just completely failing with my weight loss attempts as all attempts to exercise were foiled by my tendency to eat as a reaction to emotional stimulous – stressed, tired, bored, upset, sad, basically any emotional reaction leads to me wanting to eat. She told me that she had taken diet pills in the past and had lost weight on them before – in fact she’d just gone back on them. She’d mentioned it before and I guess I dismissed it as cheating. But this time I think I was feeling really down and at the end of my tether. I had joined Weight Watchers and managed to stick to it for about a week. I had been exercising 2 or 3 times a week (exercise classes) but I think because of the food I was eating i wasn’t really noticing much of a difference and its soul destroying when you are honestly trying, but not getting anywhere.

Where I got them from

So I bit the bullet and called the place that my friend recommended. A place called the National Slimming Clinic. My nearest one was Basingstoke. I made an appointment for the following week and booked a half day off. On the day of my appointment I was a little nervous, not really knowing what to expect…. But they were really nice. After filling in some forms, I went up for my appointment. The doctor was friendly with a nice manner. He asked me a few questions about what I was hoping to achieve. Then he measured my height, weighed me and took my blood pressure. He then explained a little bit about the pills: that they would reduce my appetite, he said they would make me thirsty, and I might feel a little bit speedy in the mornings and that I might have some trouble sleeping (although I’ve not really experienced that symptom – not until last night, but I think that is down to me having two glasses of wine and not drinking enough water – I felt very dehydrated all night and kept waking up to either go to the toilet or have a drink). He told me that I should eat normally – healthily – he said I should try to keep to around 1500 calories. And I should have no problems losing weight. I was given a lower dose (15mg) for the first week and after that I would be on 37.2mg per day – to be taken in the morning. He gave me my pills and I went downstairs to complete the paperwork and pay at the front desk. The lady on the front desk (the manager I believe as she said her receptionist was out poorly that day and so she was manning the front desk) was very friendly and chatty. She was very nice and reassuring. I paid and was on my way. I was due to take my first pill the next morning.

My progress

I started taking the pills on Tuesday 21st January. The first couple of days I felt quite buzzy and energetic. I was super-productive and felt pretty good. I didn’t feel much like eating at all and I was very thirsty, drinking a tonne of water. The second and third days, my appetite came back a little bit and I felt less skittish. On the Saturday I took the pill early as normal and drove to Wales for a hen party. Which was interesting as the dry mouth thing meant that I was drinking a lot of water which meant at least 2 toilet stops along the way! I didn’t take a pill the next day as I was late getting up and I didn’t want to need to keep stopping on the way home and I didn’t think it would hurt to actually want to eat something. As it turned out I didn’t eat that much as I didn’t feel like it. On monday 27th January I weighed myself and I had lost 5 lbs. I have to say I was pretty damn pleased with myself.

I’m now on day 12 and I’ve lost a total of 10lbs. I started at 14 stone 6 and am now at 13 stone 10. My goal is to get to 11 and a half stone – which is 161 pounds for any Americans out there. I have a total of 31 pounds left to lose (2 stones and 3lbs). I have done a spreadsheet and a chart – as you do. Here is my chart:

The dark green is my progress. The light green is my projected past based on my current achievements. The Yellow is my goal weight.

My Weight Loss Chart

Part of the reason for doing the above chart is that I wanted to see roughly (assuming I carry on along the same track) when I could expect to arrive at my goal. Hopefully it should be around the 3rd March. Give or take a week.

I know a lot of people may frown on what I’m doing or think of it as cheating or think it is bad for me or tell me that I might get addicted to it. My answer is only that for once I actually feel like I am capable of doing this – of getting back to the size I want to be – to be comfortable in my clothes, confident in my body. I know this is not a long term solution. I do still need to address my emotional eating habits and when I’m at my goal weight I will need to continue to watch what I eat and carry on exercising. But it is already getting much easier. I’m working harder in my classes at Nuffield than I was when I started. I really feel like I am getting there.

In addition to this, the lovely people at Nuffield Health have offered me another month’s free trial until I can get to 13 stone – when my dad is going to pay for a year’s membership and the MD at the National Slimming Clinic (in exchange for me blogging about them – which to be fair I probably would have done anyway – have offered me a free month’s medication). So suffice to say I am loving blogging right now! Never underestimate the power of a blogger in this day and age!

Here is a before photo (before starting at Nuffield and before starting on the slimming pills – this was actually at beginning of December):

Before pics Nuffield

This is a picture I took of myself in the mirror the other morning. I certainly feel different.

1 week on

Let me know what you think. Would you be willing to try slimming pills? Honestly, up until a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have been.

67 Thoughts on “The truth about my weight loss – I’m taking weight loss pills

  1. You look great, you can see a big change. I have dabbled with the idea of them but was scared to just buy some off the internet but I like the idea of speaking to a doctor ect. Great post ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  2. Thank you for commenting. I’ve been biting my nails wondering if and how someone would respond!!! I would honestly recommend them. Like I say its not a fix all but if you have been struggling with motivation and perhaps are a comfort eater and a picker like I have always been then it can really help you along.

  3. your blog post is def enticing to give it a try, that is with close supervision by a doctor. Wondering what they cost of course. But I am as desperate as have tried nearly everything (Including fitness, life coach, daily walks, eating vegan. It is just to hard combining it all with toddler, WAHM + fulltime SAHM and everything else that comes with life ๐Ÿ™‚ well done!

    • I think its around ยฃ20 per week. It is expensive but I think worth it. Ive been paying ยฃ20 per month to Weight Watchers for ages and not getting anywhere which is just money down the drain I think. It is hard trying to lose weight with everything that life throws at us!

  4. Wow!!You look great!Good for you.I have taken them in the past and they worked for me but dice having my children I seem over sensitive to stimulants?!I can’t even have a cup of coffee without my heart racing these days!Is it Tenuate Dospan you take?

  5. You look great. And well done for having the courage to be open about what you are doing.

    I’ll be honest…I used to think such things were cheating. But that is when I found dieting easier and I was slimmer and I had more time to devote to keeping my fitness levels up. I am struggling this time around, even with the motivation of a wedding dress to fit in to. I eat healthily, make a point of being active in my daily life and also workout…but my appetite is a monster and it is ruining my efforts. I have started to put up a weight/diet post in my blog each week about my progress…which is just a farce as I haven’t really made any. I think I’ve lost my ability to control my eating.

    These pills actually sound like something that can help me, and there is a clinic near me…but the website doesn’t give any clue to price so I doubt my budget will stretch to them! I’ll keep them in mind though, maybe one day (probably once my wedding is over and I’ve had to buy a bigger dress!).

    • Its about 20.00 a week I think. maybe less if they have an offer. I felt exactly like you, like I’d lost the ability to control myself! I hope you find something that works for you! xxx

  6. You certainly look as if the weight is shifting. Just be careful that they are not addictive, it isn’t illegal and its a free world, do whatever floats your boat and ignore any negative comments.
    Joy x x

    • Thank you Joy. I have had a few problems sleeping in the last week or so so yesterday I skipped taking the pill and slept much better. So I think I’ll just have a day off from them every now and then. I can’t be on them for longer than 3 months anyway… Just need to be sensible and careful. Am doing tonnes of exercise and intend to carry that on after I no longer take the pills so that should help keep the weight off.

  7. Hi I to am a secret pill popper lol joined national slimming clinic in aug 13 after yrs of yoyo diets I woke up one morning and was a whopping 16 st 4 horror ! So without telling anyone I joined cardiff clinic
    I then only told my hubby & daughter they have both backed me and its feb 14 now and im 3 stone 3 & 1/2 lbs lighter . I go every wk to weigh in and have only once grained 1/2 lb. I even lost 4 lbs over Christmas !
    The clinic staff are wonderful ,friendly and helpful.
    I know some people I know will say tablets r no good for u . U should do it without them but when u have battled with weight for 30 yrs u need help sometimes to achieve ur goals . I have not really dieted I cut out all sugary fatty food & reduced my portions
    I dont want a pat on the bac for lossin weight but if my story on ur blog give one person belief that there is help out there then that makes my day

    • Traci, Thank you so much for sharing that with me. It is true! I needed a little push, just like you. Well done for taking the step and good luck with it! Let me know how you get on!!

  8. traci on April 10, 2014 at 18:20 said:

    Hi well im still on my secret weight loss journey with the help of nsc pills feeling amazing down from 16,4 to 12.8 just 4 more lbs and ill hit 4 stone . As a yoyo dieter for over 30 yrs ive not managed to loss this amount before . Still going to take them for a bit longer I would like to get to 10.8 will let u know how I get on traci

    • Hi Traci. Sorry for late reply. Thank you for commenting. It’s great to find something that works eventually!! I wish you good luck with it all and thank you for reading my blog xxxx

    • Courtney on November 1, 2014 at 22:23 said:

      Hi Traci,how long did it take to get from 16st4 to 12st8?

      • hi it’s taken me a yr from 16.4 – 12.1 but I’ve NOT dieted or done exercise I just took a pink tab every morning cut out rubbish cakes ect and ear much smaller meals on fact now I only take half a tablet now and that still seems to work.

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  10. Hi – I’ve just found this post and am very interested, and might just have to look into it. I do suffer with high blood pressure though so will deco have to check at the docs first. But well done you! You can totally see results in the before and after shots. I have no willpower also – so fingers crossed Mr Doctor lets me have them!! PS Did you find they worked over a longer time period.?

    • I really found I struggled to sleep on them. I did it for a couple of months. I’ve come off them now. Took them as a one off Saturday and Sunday but have decided the sleep thing is a deal breaker for me. U might find they help.

  11. I’ve been on these tabs n lost 4 stones in four mths. But as soon as I stopped n got back t bad habits. I put more weight on. Thinking t go again as they do work. But this time I won’t put weight on. As I do five keep fit classes. So thanks for ya info xx

  12. elaine on February 1, 2015 at 17:50 said:

    I am going to give them a ring and make an appointment this week ciz you look and sound amazing.

    • Thanks for the comment. I can’t take them anymore as the caused me to lose sleep and I suffer from depression so its not advised for me. I’d say give them a go but be honest with the doctors there of any medical issues you may have.

  13. Marie on February 3, 2015 at 18:11 said:

    May I ask what dosage you were on after the first week ? Did you go up to the max does ?

    • Sorry been having problems with my iPhone. I was on a lower dose for the first week and then it was upped to the full dose after that. I’m not sure what that dose was though.

  14. Hi there
    I have an appointment with the slimming centre this week but I also suffer from depression and am on medication for this.
    I just wondered how you got on and whether you saw the results that you wanted to from it?

  15. Natalie on March 24, 2015 at 19:19 said:

    Thanks for this post ๐Ÿ™‚ well done on your weight loss so far xx

  16. Denise on April 18, 2015 at 11:22 said:

    Hi I’m thinking if trying theses tablets after messing about on various diets, need a good kick up the backside!

    • Hi. I did well on them but I only did it for about 4 months. I stopped because it was messing with my sleep too much and I’m not good without sleep. And then my mental health went down hill and it wasn’t really an option to take them anymore. I would recommend them as long as you do it properly with the doctors from the clinic. DON’T get any pills off the internet (and don’t take more than the recommended dose).

  17. Denise churchill on May 12, 2015 at 01:29 said:

    Hi, I’m onto week 2 and a bit. Was on the lower dose 15mg caps but only lost 2lb so the doctor upped the dose to 37mg tablets which I find suppress my appetite much more. I fell absolutely fine, no problems sleeping whatsoever. Iam very cautious with these tablets, if I were to feel unwell I would stop taking them immediately. Fingers crossed I will have shifted a stone by the end of this months supply!

  18. emma on May 18, 2015 at 15:54 said:

    How long are u allowed to be on them?

  19. Can you travel abroad with these tablets ??

    • Marie on July 28, 2015 at 10:04 said:

      With your prescription yes . Ensure your own name clearly written on the bottle with details of the prescribing doctor or dispensing pharmacy

  20. Hi does anyone know long long after taking the 30mg capsuals can you drink alcohol?

  21. Kanchan on March 7, 2016 at 15:36 said:


    Your story is very motivating! I want to try this too however I have thyroid and PCOS. Would they still be able to help me? I really wanna loose weight as I am tired of being fat

  22. Liz on May 14, 2016 at 13:00 said:

    I’ve I’ve been going to NSC for 6 weeks. 5 weeks on phentermine with no change in weight and now on diethylpropion and still no reduction in appetite. My calorie intake is always below 1500 and I’ve increased my activity significantly. My diet is clean and healthy and apart from getting rid of all carbs, I don’t know what else to do. I don’t eat from boredom or emotional ups and downs. I only eat when hungry and when distraction, water, or ignoring it doesn’t work. I wonder if the tablets are real because I was on phentermine for a long time in the US and it looked very different and I could feel it working. It was exactly what I needed to get rid of my hunger. These pink tablets have no markings and don’t affect me in any way. Anyone else notice this? I need to lose 30 pounds and feel frustrated that these don’t work like they did when I was taking the white and blue speckled tablets in the States.

    • Sorry for late reply. I just commented on the other lady’s comment. Have a read of that. Give it a try and if it doesn’t work try something else. Weight watchers worked for me recently xxxx

  23. I am interested in the previous comment

    Picked up my phent 37.5 mg today – first time at clinic

    Pink tablets with no writing on and paid ยฃ50 cash !! Felt like a drug dealer !!

    And too frightened to ask what proof do I have that these are the real thing????

    I suppose time will tell – ie if I lose any weight

    Great post


    • I found it did work for me at first and I could tell it was working because I was super thirsty all the time and had no appetite so I just drank tonnes of water. After a while though I found the effect was lessened and in the end I gave up and put the weight back on.

      Last April I joined weight watchers and in December I got to my goal weight having lost 31lbs. I’m struggling to keep it off right now having had a bit of a stressful time with my divorce becoming finalised but I’m keeping at it and will definitely get to goal again in a couple of months.

      Good luck!

  24. iwantthat101 on July 21, 2016 at 17:36 said:

    Hello! Did the tablets make you feel high? I tried some similar awhile back and felt constantly high with a very high heart pace…I had to stop despite seeing results because the way i felt was unacceptable and incompatible with my work..

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  26. Sophie on December 30, 2016 at 23:01 said:

    Hello.. must say your results are amazing and your looking fab.
    Just wondering do you have to be above a certain weight to be prescribed these pills or are they available to anybody / how does it all work ? Thanks

  27. There is no slimming pill out there in this world that can do all the work for us! All the pills that says “it will burn your fats”, totally bs. I tried a lot of slimming pills before. What I conclude is, the slimming pill is just helping us to suppress our appetite.. That’s it! We still have to do the “work”! Resisting temptation to eat that small slice of cake, or etc (I don’t want to elaborate, lest that we will be even more tempted by imagining the food hahaha!)

    So, please do not feel guilty about it! The slimming pill only do so much.. YOU still have to control your diet, exercise and resist the temptation to snack late at night, right?

    It’s ok to admit that we need a little help ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope by today, you have already accomplished your weight goal ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ps: I myself is taking a new diet pill.. it works really great! The effect is the same as yours. lesser appetite and feeling thirsty. I am not losing as much weight as you, but it has been constant weight loss. BUT I still have to do my toning exercise everyday, I still have to resist the temptation to snack at night (by night, the effect of the pill is wearing off), and I have to discipline myself to stick to 1 low sugary drink a day. (I drink soft drinks everyday before this. so I am cutting back gradually).

    Most importantly, eat right and keep moving!

  28. sabina on February 26, 2018 at 19:40 said:

    I wanted to ask if you have be a certain bmi to get these
    I have half a stone to loose and its not happening
    and hats off to you for blogging about this ….its something most of us wont even talk about ..let alone blog about

    • To be honest it only worked for a while and I found that it did not help my mental health. I would talk to your doctor before you consider taking these because it may work in the short term but it isnโ€™t a long term solution and you need to be very careful – especially if you have mental health problems.

  29. suzanne loveridge on March 20, 2018 at 14:41 said:

    where is the nearest / i live in barnet

  30. Hi there
    I know this blog post is a bit old but I was searching for these clinics and it still came up ๐Ÿ™‚ Can I just ask if they gave you a specific diet or just some recommendations? It’s just that I’m enjoying my current keto diet and don’t want to change but would like to get some phentermine as I’ve had it in the past and it really worked for me.
    Thanks for your blog, it’s a real inspiration!

    • Hi no specific diet. I think they just told me to make sure I had breakfast lunch and dinner. I found (at first at least) my appetite was pretty drastically reduced. I didnโ€™t feel the need to snack at all. That probably helped. As long as your keto diet is healthy Iโ€™m sure it would be fine. I would check with your doctor if you are not sure.

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