Searching for something that will make me feel better

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I’m on my own today. I’m not feeling good. I’m sad, lonely (even though I have the kids for company today). I want to get on and be productive and get things done but at the same time I feel incapable of effort. I know that losing weight will make me feel better about myself but in the short term I seem to be incapable (there is that word again – a recurring theme) of stopping myself from eating in order to gain some short term comfort. Today, I have had a bagel with butter. Then I had 2 or 3 slices of left over pizza from last night. then a cupcake with my pretend latte (very nice expensive instant coffee with frothy steamed milk). But I don’t feel any better after all that!

It is the same situation with my finances. I keep spending money in the hope that the things I’m buying will make me feel better, but none of its working and I am just getting myself into a bit of a financial mess and in the end, it doesn’t make me feel any better!

Deep down I know that I just need to let this…. whatever, run its course. I think I’m a little depressed – probably due to being ill with a cold for the last two weeks. But its very hard in the short term to stop myself from doing these silly things in an effort to make myself feel better!

3 Thoughts on “Searching for something that will make me feel better

  1. I know the feeling and can totally empathise about the comfort eating. I’ve had to stop myself doing it this week in order to lose weight and improve my mental health but it’s VERY challenging! It is an unbelievably hard habit to break. I’ve just bought Paul Mckenna’s latest book about emotional eating. Have yet to open it though! The trick is to be kind to ourselves without being our own worst enemy… Hope you feel better soon x

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