I want

I want…….

  • To drink my tea in peace without being interrupted or having to go fetch something for a small person
  • To sit on the sofa without being nudged by a wriggly arm that can’t sit still
  • To not have to give up my phone to be played with by angry birds
  • To not have to (as a consequence of the above) listen to the sound of Angry Birds games playing on said iPhone or iPad
  • To be able to make my lunch/cup of tea without having to stop what I’m doing 300 times to get someone a drink of orange juice/change someone’s pooey knickers/shout at the dogs for sneaking onto the sofa/tell the kids off for pushing eachother (I could go on)
  • To not have to watch Peppa Pig or Disney Movies on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon!
  • To be able to finish typing this blog without Joshua demanding toast! (he just did – I’m not making this up)
  • A couple of hours to myself!!!

3 Thoughts on “I want

  1. Your wants will all happen, you just have to wait twenty years, OK, probably not quite that long, but try to make the most of them and enjoy them while they are still young, they grow old far too quickly, blink and you’ll miss it. x x x

  2. Ohh What I would give for a Saturday or Sunday without Disney and Nick Jr….lol

  3. Run away for the afternoon on your own…..

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