Still feeling rotten!!!

Well this has been a productive week. NOT!!!

I’m back in bed after going to work this morning but felt so rotten I decided to go home again (and the sentiment was echoed by others in the office – clearly not wanting to catch what I have before they all head off to the US (Sales Kickoff Meeting) next week. ). I was ill Monday – spent all day in bed. Tuesday I didn’t feel too bed so went in, and in the evening did a Body Pump Class. Wednesday I went in but again felt awful so went to work from home. Thursday I worked from home. In fact I had a very productive day yesterday even though I didn’t feel great. But today I’m feeling worse again so I’m back here in bed. Just had a bagel for lunch and have a cup of tea I’m drinking before I try to get some sleep.

I’m really fed up of feeling so ill. I haven’t had an alcoholic drink since the early hours of New Years Day and I was hoping to be enjoying the bright eyed and bushy tailedness of being alcohol free but all I feel is run down and tired. I almost feel like having a glass of wine or something would do me good right now but I’m not going to give in. I’m sure when this cold has worked its way through my system I’ll feel the benefits. I also gave up smoking and haven’t craved a cigarette. But then that’s hardly surprising as I normally only smoke when I’m having a drink. My ecig arrived today. It is pink and came with some different flavours. It is just a vapourizer. It doesn’t have any nicotine. Which is fine for me because I think it is the habit and the social side of it that makes me want to smoke. I like how it emits real smoke and it has a flavour. It’s quite clever really.

I got weighed this morning at Weight Watchers. I put on half a pound. I am a little disappointed because I did stick to the plan (the new Simple Start plan) for the first half. But then as I was ill I kind of let it slip after a while. I stopped counting by Wednesday and was eating some ginger bread and digestive biscuits and hot chocolate to comfort myself. Will try better next week!!!


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