A change of scenery

I’m looking for a change of scenery. No, not a walk in the park or a new hair do.

I’m looking for different/better technical solutions.

If you are not techy and are starting to yawn already, just bare with me.

I’m a total nerd. I love technology and I love apps, websites, phones, gadgets… anything that makes life a bit more fun and (more importantly) run a bit smoother. I have to admit, I am a bit spoiled when it comes to technology. We replaced our old PC when it died and I managed to persuade hubby that we might as well get an iMac. When I started blogging I persuaded him that I needed a laptop (and why would I go for anything less than a MacBook Air (I love my Apple products, can you tell?). I hasten to add that I paid for every penny of my laptop with my own money – so I earnt every penny…. then when I changed jobs, to celebrate leaving a crappy job that I hated, I bought myself an iPad Mini (I love it. LOVE. IT). Oh and I have my trusty iPhone 5 which I got when they first came out (first time I’d actually done that because normally I’d have to wait until my contract ended). Anyway, I love my tech. I am that much of a geek that I have a number of techy blogs that I follow – including iMore, the Evernote Blog and a few others. Anyway, what was I saying? What was the point of this post…. erm…. Oh yeah. Needing a change.

I am also a bit of a productivity obsessive. By that, I mean that I like to plan things and write lists. I’m not so much about the doing, but I find if you have a good list, or a good list making “thing”, it helps focus the mind and helps you be more productive.

So recently I decided to start using Wunderlist. However, I’ve not found it exactly to my liking. I don’t like that when I’m in a “list” or project, I can’t focus on just today’s actions. Equally when I’m in the Today list, I can’t focus down by project. So I’ve decided to go back to good old Omni Focus. So I’m using that for to do’s.

I use Evernote as always for all my documents and note taking. It does now have a to do / reminders function but I am finding that, while it is useful to have the reminders, I prefer to have a more concise looking list. It can be a bit cumbersome. The only problem with Omni Focus is that it is only on Mac or iOS. And I use a PC at work so I don’t get to use it on there. Boo hiss!

Blog reading – I was using an app on my iPhone (and also a web service) called Feedly. There is nothing wrong with Feedly but I’ve decided to start using BlogLovin again. I really like the design of BlogLovin and I like how people know when you follow them and you know when they follow you. Its more social. And I need to get back into that side of blogging.

Browsers. I’m trying out Chrome on my MacBook because for some reason Firefox on this laptop does not seem to be allowing Java to work. Which meant that Google Calendar doesn’t work (Google Calendar is my life) and there is an annoying message at the top of Blog Lovin that tells me that I don’t have a Java enabled Browser. Very irritating. So I am trying Chrome for tonight and I will decide if I’m going to move all my links across to Chrome or not.

I like to try something new every now and then. Although I have to admit that I get bored easily and sometimes I find that after trying something out for 2 months I go back to the old thing that I was a bit bored of because it was best originally.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Thanks for listening. Over and out!

One Thought on “A change of scenery

  1. ha πŸ˜‰ I am juts getting to grips with Bloglovin’ but can you believe before I just did it all via memory! lol x No wonder I could never bloody get round anyone πŸ˜‰ x To see the actual list of all the blogs I follow in one place is pretty scary though… God knows how I’ll keep up with them ALL! x

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