Milestones – nappy free at night!

Yesterday my daughter announced that she wasn’t going to wear a nappy at bedtime. We were very proud and excited that she had decided this for herself – we had been meaning to instigate this next stage in the road to No More Nappy land but had literally only just got around to buying plastic sheets to go under the beds.

Very pleased with her we put her to bed. Only for her to have an accident half an hour later. Then at about 11pm, she woke up crying. She had had a runny poo accident. And it was EVERYWHERE. So I had to shower her down. Poor thing was shaking and upset. Once I’d calmed her down she got back into bed in clean sheets (and a nappy – just in case).

Tonight I thought is better put her in a nappy. Just in case. But she wasn’t having any of it. No nappy, Mummy! My clever little thing. She’s getting there. A year ago I am not sure I could imagine being on the verge of being a nappy-free household. But now I can almost touch it!!!

How have your kids transitioned from nappies to pants/knickers?

2 Thoughts on “Milestones – nappy free at night!

  1. Well done to your little girl đŸ˜‰ I have all this to come! Lol xx

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