Feeling rotten

I’m feeling rotten. I’ve not been sleeping well because I have a cough and sore throat that seems to appear the minute I go to bed (or a bit earlier actually) and then stops me from getting a good night’s sleep! I’ve just spent an hour reading my Prince2 stuff and am now on the sofa with Lala lying next to me resting her feet on my lap. It’s comforting. I love being around my children when they are being cute and cuddly, but when they start being fractious or whiney I struggle to cope. Bad mother? Or just normal?


9 Thoughts on “Feeling rotten

  1. perfectly normal, I’d say. Sorry to hear about your sore throat and cough at sleeptime. Do you drink plenty of water?

    • I have been. Thanks. Got the lodger to get me some night nurse which I’m hoping will help me sleep tonight. Had a day in bed today as felt too ill to go to work. Hope I’ll feel better in the morning.

  2. Totally normal! Glad you’re a human!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

  3. Completely normal I hope.. Mine drive me mad when they’re clingy and/or whiney x

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