2013 Annual Report – WordPress one and also general life one

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I know that sounds really dull doesn’t it. But I saw this as an email in WordPress and I felt like sharing it. I’m quite proud of the numbers really. If you want to have a look at my Annual Report, click here. I also want to thank my most active commenters. I promise to be a bit more active on your blogs in the future! They are:

I suppose while I’m here (in my bedroom avoiding downstairs where the others are watching Lord of the Rings – I love the movie but I’m not in the mood for it tonight) I’d better write a bit more. Maybe something about what this year has been all about. I haven’t written much of anything lately so you’re probably due an update. I’m gonna go month by month. As that’s easier. Might have to have a look at my calendar to remind me what went on…. …..Sorry about that. Just took a quick break from writing this to make sure I am following the above blogs and put a little comment on each of their blogs to say hi and thank you. Feel better now that’s done. Ok, so…. My year.

  • January – nothing much happened in January as far as I can remember or tell from my diary. Although looking back at my blog posts, I clearly wrote a lot (37 posts)!
  • February – Ben went away for 2 weeks. I did a day’s driving course for being a naughty girl and driving too fast. Ben spent a lot of time studying and at weekend classes for his MBA. I asked for flexible working at was turned down.
  • March – I started studying my Prince 2 Course
  • April – not a lot happened
  • May – went to Turkey on holiday
  • June – took kids on day trip to France (booze cruise technically but we had loads of fun while there), went to Britmums Live!, 1st Aupair arrived
  • June/July – GLASTONBURY!!!
  • July – Launched pBloggers Network
  • August – Lala turned 3!!! Took kids on first camping weekend
  • September – Joshua started school, first Aupair went home, Bella arrived (current aupair/friend/housemate/family member), all went to Brighton for the day
  • October – Girls night out, Joshua turned 5, Halloween, left job at big company in Reading. Started working at fab little company close to home.
  • November – had great day/night out with my sister in London, Ross moved in (Bella’s boyfriend/our friend)
  • December – fabulous Christmas with our new (bigger) family. Great day out at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – took kids ice skating. Fun but chilled New Years Eve party with wonderful friends.

I was going to go on and talk about my plans for this year, but that will have to wait as it’s taken me nearly an hour to go through and find all the links above. I will try to write more. Promise. x

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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