Coming off ADs – Day 14

I made the mistake of doing my finances. 

I’m already feeling a little edgy today (like I might burst into tears for no reason). I have so much work to do but my brain seems to be incapable of acting on any one thing. I just look at all my emails and feel overwhelmed. 

I’m so scared of failing. I’m so scared of people realising that I’m a fraud (the years experience and skills on my cv will pale into nothing when they realise what I know – that I am useless and lazy and not worthy of a nice place to work and of the money I’m being paid. 

I know that this is all because of reducing my medication. Logically I know that! I think I may need one of my panic pills because this feels like an emergency! 

3 Thoughts on “Coming off ADs – Day 14

  1. Hope you are ok, can you just come off even more gradually? Its hard i know x

    • Thanks hun. I’m following the doctors advise. Overall I’ve been okay but the last couple of days have been hard and my concentration has been all over the place. Actually found tonight (bath bomb making – latest post just published) really therapeutic as was doing things with my hands – didn’t require much thinking!

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