Observations on getting my nails done

So I went into Reading today at lunchtime (took a 2.5 hour lunch break – oops!). I took the shuttle bus into the town centre and went to try to find a nail salon. Eventually after checking Google Maps and then asking a couple of people, I found a small nail salon down a small alleyway – aren’t they always down alleyways or side roads?… Anyway, I went in and asked if they had time to do me some acryllics, to which they said 5 minutes and told me to sit down and wait. As soon as I sat down a lady came in to complain about the Shellac nails she’d had done – saying they looked terrible and were not up to scratch – asking for them to be done better for free – but the guy was saying, no, you can pay again if you want them redoing. Anyway, did make me wonder if I’d picked the right place. I find these places a little bit daunting. I always feel slightly guilty – that maybe by going there I am somehow partaking in abuse of the nail technicians (I don’t know this but I have heard from friends that the nail bars run by Asian people – from Malaysia, Philippines and such like) who may be forced to work long hours for little money. Hell, who am I to say that’s what its like. Another reason I feel so uncomfortable is that they are not really very chatty. I like to have a natter while I’m getting my hair done so I feel the same about my nails, and while I’ve been very happy with the result of having my nails done in these places, they are not a chatty bunch!

So while I was having my nails done – they look lovely by the way – and I had my toe nails painted too – I sat listening to the ladies next to me who had obviously come in together and were chatting about life and things. They were two black ladies and a large white lady. The lady next to me had never had her nails done before and couldn’t decide on what effect she wanted on her nails after they were done – she had french manicure style acryllics and wanted a nail art to decorate them. There was her, her friend/sister/aunt (she looked older than the first girl) and a baby boy in a buggy – maybe 2 years old. He squeeled every now and then and by the end was getting VERY bored. Can’t say I blame him. Its not the most fun place to be even if you like having your nails done so to a small child who is strapped into a buggy, it must have been hell! The large white lady was done quite soon and left earlier than the other two – I don’t even know if she was their friend but she seemed to be chatting to them like she knew them. And then I was left with the lady next to me and the larger black lady who was keeping an eye on the little boy. They were chatting about music and an upcoming wedding and about childcare – how the lady next to me’s kid’s nursery didn’t do food – only pack lunches and a snack. I piped up that my daughter’s nursery does food in house (just wanted to say that some do) and they asked where, to which I said “Oh, not locally”. They probably thought I was an idiot for piping into someone else’s conversation but I just wanted to talk to someone. I’m probably going to end up being that little old lady at the bus stop that wants to chat to anyone who comes along cos she’s lonely! Anyway, after they left and there were just a couple of kids getting their nails done and we were all just waiting for our nails to dry. I was watching the music videos on the TV screen. There was one R&B type song where a guy was driving in a flashy sports car with a girl next to him. They were going really fast and it occurred to me that neither of them had seatbelts on. That’s a really mum thing to think, isn’t it. Oh and then a new (I assume) Robbie Williams and Dizzy Rascal video came on where he was driving around on really blinged out mobility scooters! It was very odd!
Anyway, that was my experience. Here is a picture of my nails. What are your thoughts on the type of nail bar that I went to today?

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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