Interview this morning

You probably know from previous posts that I’ve not been happy at work for a while.

I got a phonecall on Friday about a job that, while its not exactly the kind of thing I’ve been aiming my search at, its a very interesting role which is most definitely within my skillset. It is more money than I’m on currently and it is in my home town. Which would mean no more commuting for nearly an hour twice every day. It is a 7 month contract as it is a maternity cover by they are a small growing tech business so they seem to think that there is a good chance of there being another role for me (if I got it) by the time the other lady comes back from maternity leave.

The interview went really well, I thought. They say I will hear from them within a day or two. Of course I’ve been on tenterhooks all afternoon hoping that I’ll get a phone call from them today. Naive I guess.

I am handing my notice in tomorrow whatever happens. After taking the day off at short notice I think my boss will be giving me a stern talking too – I can’t hide that I’m pissed off and that I don’t want to be there. I just hope that I get some good news either before or soon after. I feel like my stomach is eating itself.

Part of the reason for that is nerves but also I decided to do SlimFast for a week or so to see if I can shed a bit of weight.

I’m so tired. I’ve been walking/running three times a week with my friend, riding another friend’s horse twice a week as well as studying when I can find the brain capacity (for my exam on Wednesday). I’m whacked. Looking forward to dinner tonight. And then I think an early night is in order!!!

4 Thoughts on “Interview this morning

  1. sounds like you’re really putting yourself through the mill at the moment! my fingers are crossed for you with respect to the new job opportunity! wishing you all the luck in the world for the next few days to go the way you want them to. x

  2. Fingers crossed for you that the answer will be yes!!

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