Saturday in Brighton

I started writing this on Monday and its been such a shit and mind-numbingly boring week at work that I completely forgot to finish it. So here it is:

On Saturday we went to Brighton for the day – me, Ben, Bella (our au-pair – she has given me permission to use her name) and the kids. First we went for a Burger at a place we used to go to occassionally when we were young. Then, once we’d eaten, we wandered around the shops, stopping in a toy shop, we bought the kids a toy each – Lala got a princess figure and Joshua bought a space ship/rocket thingy.


Lala’s fairy princess


Joshua’s space ship

Lala and Bella at the cafe

Lala and Bella at the cafe

Then we passed a shop that sold crystals and things and I escaped to browse for a bit and bought myself a couple of stones. One black one for me, and one quartz. When I caught up with the others I decided to give Lala the quartz crystal and so, because Joshua hadn’t got anything, me and him nipped back to the shop to pick him out a stone of his own.


Joshua picked a Blue Gold Stone


Mine is a Hypesthene


Lala’s quartz

After we’d had our fill of shops, we meandered down to the pier. We bought Brighton Rock sticks:


Brighton Rock!

We went on some rides:


Lala and I on the Merry Go Round!


Tea cup ride


Needs no explanation!

Then we left the pier and bought hot donuts on the way out, which we ate on the beach:




Two tired kiddies and a tired Bella








Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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