Goddess card reading

As you know from reading my last post, I’m struggling to stay positive. Last night, I got my Goddess cards out (I used to dabble in this kind of stuff – and I felt like I needed reassurance). I didn’t do a proper reading but just shuffled the pack and got out one card at random. This was the card:



This is a photo of the bit in the book that explains what that particular card is about:



And the second page:



“Let go of the old”.

Oh how I would love to. I have a feeling, like the card predicts, that it is just around the corner. Hopefully I’ll pass my exam on Wednesday and I can start focussing on getting another job. Or something else will come up. Maybe something better. I don’t know. Something needs to happen that is for sure!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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