Pocket Money – Getting your kids earning their pocket money through chores

OK, the title of this post is misleading. I’m not going to teach you anything about what to do with your kids. It just sounded like a good post title.

Joshua’s behaviour lately has been rather bad. Winding his sister up, bickering, refusing to do as he’s asked, not listening when you’re talking to him, being rude to us, being rude to his sister, being rude to the aupair, just generally being rude! The other morning he told the aupair that she is NOT ALLOWED TO BE HERE!!! I came down and she was stony faced so I asked what was wrong and she told me. I gave him a very good telling off and explained why he had to be nice to her, nice to people generally, but particularly to grown-ups.

Today, Ben took Joshua out shopping with him and Joshua spent his pocket money that he’d saved up (from a few months ago – we’d since let the pocket money thing slide) and bought himself a toy Dusty – from the Planes movie. He was so chuffed with it. Ben told me about it via Skype. He said that maybe it was time to start giving him pocket money or making him earn his pocket money by doing jobs.

So I had a look online and found an iPhone app called iAllowance. You can set it up so that it automatically adds their pocket money each week, you can have set chores that your kids earn money by carrying out and you can even have negative chores where they lose money by misbehaving. So I have sat Joshua down and explained all this to him and shown him the app. This is the arrangement:

He gets 50p a week pocket money as basic. Each job he does he can earn 5p. If he is naughty he can lose 5p. The chores on his list are:
Put away toys (he did tonight)
Put dirty clothes in basket (he did tonight)
Clear the table
Get dressed (morning chore)
Put on pyjamas (he did tonight)
Good behaviour (this is for extra good behaviour like doing something nice and unexpected out of the blue)
Bad behaviour – minus 5p

So far he has earnt 65p. He was quite chuffed this evening to see the amount in the app. Screenshots below:




6 Thoughts on “Pocket Money – Getting your kids earning their pocket money through chores

  1. I will have to get this app, it’s hard to keep track of what the oldest 2 are getting done sometimes and it’s so easy to forget whether they did something at the beginning of the week as this is the way we reward the kids too, they should do chores for pocket money, it’s an important life lesson.

  2. When mine were young (they’re in their 20s now) we had a printed checklist bluetacked to the inside of their bedroom doors, and they had to tick the boxes when they had done their jobs, much the same thing done the old fashioned way!

  3. LOL.yeah i guess i have changed much more then like last week!!!!LOL

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