Camping Weekend – Sunday (Day 3)


Well, we are on the M4 on our way home. We are listening to REM. We stopped to get coffee and snacks. The coffee was disgusting but actually tastes better with a bit of chocolate that Ben bought me. It is a bit bitter.

The kids have thoroughly enjoyed themselves this weekend. They told us that they loved camping. We are definitely going to think about getting a motor home. The trailer tent that we have is great but it’s a pain to pack up and, because the top half of it is canvass, it doesn’t have a huge amount of storage space.

Next time I will definitely be less conservative in my packing. I forgot to bring any trousers for Lala and only brought her one jumper, which she got ketchup all over on the first day. I also didn’t bring myself any proper shoes. I brought 2 pairs of flip flops. One of which were the shiny pretty kind. Very silly. As you know from this post, I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. But hopefully I can get back on track now and get my head back to where it needs to be.


I’m in the bath. We have been home for about half an hour. The kids were pretty awful on the last hour or so of the drive. Bickering and fighting over toys. I had a headache for the 2nd half of the journey that threatened to split my head open and the children just weren’t helping matters. Then when we got home Ben got out to release the tow-bar and told me to move the car forward. I got in, wound the windows down and then put my foot down on the clutch, at which point the car rolled backwards a tiny bit and Ben started having a fit about the tow bar pressing on his bumper. I don’t know about you but having someone shouting at me from a distance does not make me move any quicker or even want to make me help at all and we ended up having a row. I think we both accept that we are ALL tired and he didn’t think I would DRIVE it forwards – but just let the hand-break off and let it ROLL forwards. Anyway I am not a mind reader. I think we have now made up (kind of – I still don’t appreciate being shouted at but I get that he didn’t want me damaging the car!!). I’m having my bath and the kids are watching some TV.

To finish, my advise to anyone going camping with kids (aka things I have learnt from my mistakes this weekend):
Take a tonne of clothes for the kids – including trousers for girls – it may still be summer (kind of) but it may be cold at night so trousers and jimjam bottoms and plenty of socks are a must have. Also jumpers. One will not be enough.
Ditto for the adults.
Take fruit. I don’t eat it much but the kids have definitely had their full of carbs and sugar this weekend.
Bring pillows for the car journey so the kids can comfortably nap.
Don’t forget your toothbrush & toothpaste.


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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