Camping in Wales – Friday (Day 1)

I haven’t written in my blog for a while. I have had quite a lot on my mind which is a whole blog post in itself and I don’t have the time or energy to go into it today (not on my phone anyway, which is how I’m typing this). So I thought I’d get back into my blog by writing about our weekend camping kind of as it happens. It’s Friday and its also Lala’s birthday and the following was written earlier in the day….


Am in Starbucks on the M4 waiting for our coffees. We are off to Wales for the weekend to go camping. It’s also Lala’s birthday. I’m very excited. She has had one present which was a very cute Hello Kitty small backpack from our au pair. She absolutely loved it.



Back on the road. Am really looking forward to taking the kids camping. And I’m excited about Lala opening her presents – which we’ll do when we get there.


Stopped at a pub along the way (just past the Severn bridge). Kids had fish and chips. I had baked Brie and a couple if glasses of merlot. Gave Lala her present from Nanny which was a vintage My Little Pony which she loves.



Back on road again. Ben just lost his phone and we had to turn around and go back to the pub where it was. And in the end it turned out it was by Joshua’s feet. As we were leaving the pub, Lala fell over and hurt her knee and did that thing where she stopped breathing. I wasn’t there cos I’d nipped off to the loo and Ben had to deal with it. That’s when he lost his phone. Anyway, back on the road, phone found, Lala given calpol and a plaster.


We got to the camp site around 3.30pm. Lala had fallen asleep and handily only woke up after we had set up. The kids ran around the field like loonies all afternoon. We had Hello Kitty cake and presents. The kids are now in bed but not yet sleeping. I have a glass of wine and am listening to the kids softly bickering.





Kids got up again. And we decided to let them have one last run around to wear themselves out. Lala took my hand and we wandered around the campsite and she lead me to a quite busy group of campers. They were really friendly and sang Lala happy birthday. She was so chuffed!!! They are in bed again now and I THINK have gone quiet. Am just supping on my wine and warming myself on the charcoal barbecue.


Yes, those are my toes. Wearing one of my two pairs of flip flops (the only “shoes” I brought myself!!). I didn’t really plan very well. For someone who prides herself on planning and organising, this weekend (or the preparation for it) has been a monumental failure!!!


Just wandered over to the big camp of people to ask if I could scrounge a ciggie (preferably a rollie – didn’t say that as just would have been happy with anything) and out of a group of 30 odd, not a one smoked. Bit odd that, or is it just me. Reckon they go on cycling holidays and stuff… Will try to buy some backie tomorrow. Not smoked for a couple of weeks but being outside gives me the urge!!!


In bed now. Had a couple of glasses of wine and the kids have been asleep for a couple of hours. They look so cute passed out in their little camper compartment.


Yes he’s wearing a Hawaiian erm… flower necklace thingy.


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  1. Looks like your little one is having a great birthday.Have a lovely time, hope the fresh air helps clear your head.

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