Monetizing my blog – help, ideas….


This is just a “I’m having a think about things, lets just throw it out there” post so just stay with me…

I’ve been having a think about monetizing my blog and what I can do…. But I’m a bit stuck as I don’t really know where to start.

Recently I was contacted by a small start-up company – a really nice lady in fact who has started a product line that she really cares about. This is something that is important to me – being someone who’s main dream would be to one day work for myself. She has contacted me asking if we can come up with a competition/advertising plan that would benefit us both.

I have been doing a bit of research to try and find out what people charge for advertising on their blogs but it seems like everyone keeps it very close to their chests! I have joined up on Passion Fruit – a site which helps you manage and sell advertising on your blog, – which is a fab idea but again, I’m flummoxed by pricing. I’ve looked on their marketplace to try to see what other bloggers charge but it is so varied, I have no idea. There are the different kinds and sizes of sidebar ads that you can have, in-post ads (wouldn’t these annoy the readers), header ads (again would make your blog look a bit crap maybe). I have also sneakily checked out the sponsorship/PR pages of a few bloggers I’m aware of that earn from their sites but they don’t mention prices and I’m scared to ask! Also they are a lot bigger than my little blog and so probably charge more than I ever would – although at least then I’d have a top scale… I also note that a lot of them say they don’t do banner advertising on their sites…

I have dreams of being able to make a little money out of this blogging thing I do – and no, that’s not the main thing and that’s not why I do it, but if you know me and follow my blog you will know that I’ve never felt that comfortable in a “career”/”office environment” – I’m a free spirit with ideas and creativity and a need to manage my own time but I struggle to get this blog thing to the place I want it to be while I’m doing a full-time job, studying, etc.

If you are a seasoned blogger who has been charging companies for advertising or sponsored posts etc or if you have just tipped your toe into this area, and are willing to talk to me to help me figure out what I should be charging, where I should be going with this, then PLEASE will comment or if you prefer to talk to me privately will you email me. I would be so appreciative of a little help on this topic.

4 Thoughts on “Monetizing my blog – help, ideas….

  1. I was once told I should ask for £100 per sponsored post. This was by a very experienced blogger. No PR company has ever agreed to that price!! I have decided not to do sponsored posts and focus on reviews.

    So I have never been paid for anything on my blog 🙁

  2. Bonjour blogger did a post about this, with tips and how much to ask for. Start with this Hope it helps.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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