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A little while ago I was sent some Angry Birds books by Top That Publishing. Sadly I left them sitting in my in tray for a week (I didn’t want to risk Joshua getting his hands on them before I was ready to be organised and take decent photos and document his playing with them), but I finally got around to it this weekend. So here goes:

I was sent these two books to review – a chance I jumped at because my son Joshua is a TOTAL Angry Birds-aholic! And his little sister mimicks him so she is pretty keen too. Thinking that I was just going to get a couple of books for me to read to him, I was pretty impressed when I finally actually got these books out and looked at them.

The first one is called “Angry Birds Magnetic Mix-up” and has lots of magnetic pieces for the child to put on the bird faces on the pages within the book.


The second book (this is just the order that I looked at them) is a book full of press-out 3-D masks. I have to say first of all, my heart sank thinking “oh here we go, something that is going to take forever and will be really tricky” but actually they were really easy to put together. The instructions were easy to understand but the labeling on the masks themselves were clear enough that you almost didn’t need to refer to the instructions at all.

20130810-185642The Magnet book

This is Joshua’s face, when he opened the book! Chuffed to pieces!


Here are a few closer up pictures:





The Masks

20130810-185759.jpgJoshua wearing his first mask:





Conclusion – I feel like I’m writing an essay for school! I have to say, these books were brilliant! They are still – nearly a week on – loving putting their masks on and running around being Angry Birds and Piggies and I’ve made sure they put away all the little bits from the magnet book so that the next time they get them out, they’re all there.

Once again, check out Top That Publishing’s website. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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