Bored but still overwhelmed


Man, I’m bored. Not sure any level of boredom could top this one. Today I am tasked with updating all the trackers for the people I support and it is mindless checking between the data in one spreadsheet and, if not accurate, typing the values into the other spreadsheet. x about 12 people. But each person has anywhere between 2 and 10 or more sheets each. This is my day. I’m taking a break from this sheer boredom to stare at my screen and feel bored. Bored by life. Bored by the drive, bored by the work, bored by the food, bored by the management (who haven’t got a bloody clue). Just generally bored.

Yes, I could be putting my time (when I’m not doing data entry from spreadsheet to spreadsheet) to good use. I have tonnes of things in my mind that I need to do. I have a personal to do list (don’t we all) along with plenty of tasks to do with my own blog and the pbloggers blog that need to be got into some semblance of order, but the way my brain seems to be at the moment, I’m getting nowhere. I’m stuck in permanent boredom mode!

I need to somehow get organised. Get some form of order to my thoughts. So I can start ploughing away with some things and feeling like I’m actually achieving something!


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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