Why I’m a shopaholic

I have attached an audio file in this post but I have no idea if it will work. So here goes. If it doesn’t work I will have to listen to it and type it up.

Update. I will type up what I said in my recording:

Title: Why I am a shopaholic

ipad-mini-landing-1I have just come from work. I drove straight to Basingstoke – straight to the Apple store – and I decided that I had had such a bad week that I deserved to treat myself to a new iPad mini. I went straight to Basingstoke – I could have gone to Reading (as I work just outside of there) – which I know has an Apple store and walked in and asked if I could have an ipad mini on hire purchase/finance. Luckily, possibly, for me, or unluckily, depending on which side of my brain you are talking about, I wasn’t able to get one because I didn’t have a passport or my photo drivers license. Why did I feel like I had to go and buy an iPad mini? I don’t know. I thought it would make me feel better. I thought that I would feel excited about something. I thought that I deserve it and I’ve wanted one for a while. I was planning to hide it from my husband – I have a zip pocket in my handbag where I could keep it. I think I’m slightly illogical and crazy and I think I just had a lucky break as I shouldn’t really be buying anything on hirepurchase at the moment.

Other things that I have bought on a whim to make me feel better:

  • Make up – estee lauder counter or Benefit
  • Amazon books on Kindle – somethign that I thought would improve me in some way
  • Cakes
  • Stationery – new notebooks
  • iPhone – when the new iPhone 4 came out I bought one secretly and then when my husband found out he made me take it back!

There you go. That is my confession!

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  1. OK, that clearly didn’t work. Oh dear.

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