Why I want to hand in my notice

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Well, apart from the fact that this place is a bit of a life-force drainer, I’m bored. I hate the travelling. I hate that everyone else is allowed to work from home and we (in our team) are not – apart from special occassions and even then we have to beg! I hate that my boss, while saying that she’s not telling me off for being sick, is effectively telling me off for being sick…. Just want to go contracting and tell this place to f*** off. Apologies for swearing just feeling pretty hacked off.

It just seems like life is one big stress after the other. I’m not enjoying any part of my life because I’m finding it all so overwhelming!! I almost cried at nursery after telling them that I wouldn’t be coming to Joshua’s leavers party again! I feel so guilty. But I can’t take more time off and any more time I’m off sick I won’t be paid for.

I don’t know what to do about it.

15 Thoughts on “Why I want to hand in my notice

  1. šŸ™ oh this is rubbish. Do you have options? Could you find work elsewhere? Which I could write something more useful that would help you. (Hugs)

  2. Hello Hun, I always find that once the job gets tedious, it’s time to move on! Try and get something else that is more appealing and more challenging! But hey that’s just me! I wish you luck in what ever you do! I am now following you from twitter and following your blog too, I have just started my own today and look forward to getting to know you and your blog more, the more I read much love from http://wp.me/p3K43C-2

  3. I just found your blog and wanted to leave a comment to say “Hi’. Sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way about work, I hope you find something you can be happier in or these feelings pass for you.


    • Thanks very much. I hope I will too. Feeling like this has spurred me on to looking harder for something else so I’m definitely on the case to make it better. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Will take a look at yours later too x

  4. SNAP! Me too, I know exactly what you’re going through! Lets do this! I think we should both take on mission ‘work from home’ we can give each other pep talks and motivation to keep going. Aim, like you say for August, lets see what we can do in that time…there’s light at the end of the tunnel when you have a date set!

    • I know. I want to make #pbloggers and my blog into something I can early some income. Then maybe I wouldn’t have to work full time at least! I’m going to start by trying to find a contracting role so that I can at least take time off when I want. Just applied for a job that allows me every other friday off! And its 5 mins away.

  5. It took me ages to write a comment, a)because life (as in kids) were in the way (needed to describe each and every scene in the Super Mario game), and b) because I was too busy reading practically every post you wrote. I enjoyed and identified with so many of them! (the one about the job interview was a carbon copy of mine, except I had to take the Tube home, so couldn’t drive into a tree). Thank you very much for linking this with my #dreadfuldays, so I could read all of it and share in the misery. I really hope things are better, though in August, how could they? and that you succeed in monetizing your blog (and if you do, please tell me how)

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