Feel like crying

Am sat here feeling really down.

I’m not sure I have a particularly valid reason. But here is my attempt at explaining (if not justifying).

Ben is away at the moment (he left at 12pm on Sunday – something which I was not happy about as he could perfectly well have got a later flight). Maybe it just goes to show how lazy I am when he’s not around but the amount of stuff that needs doing when he’s not here feels just totally overwhelming: feeding dogs, chickens, rabbit, children, getting kids ready in morning (and myself), putting them to bed (at the moment they are being extremely naughty at bedtime and tonight I must have been up there over 10 times). Tomorrow I will have to drive over to the other side of Farnham (a 20 minute journey at least) to drop Joshua off at my mum’s nursery and then head into work. I still haven’t asked our au-pair if she can start earlier than 8am as if I don’t leave until 8 I’m going to be at least half an hour late for work!

Been sat outside on the decking smoking rollies and drinking wine for a bit and decided its now time for bed.

2 Thoughts on “Feel like crying

  1. Oh my word, you’ve got a lot on your plate. I hope you get a good night’s sleep and that tomorrow feels better.

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