The truth about kids parties #pbloggers

Disclaimer: please don’t get me wrong. This is not a bitchy post directed at anyone whose kids party I have been to recently. I have been to 2 this weekend. One yesterday & one today. They were both different but were both very nice parties. One was in a hall and there were lots of games organised to keep the kids busy. The other was in the parents’ garden and it was gorgeous weather. They had a trampoline, paddling pool, some garden play things and also a play room where little ones could play if it all got a bit much for them!!

However, and I don’t know how others feel about kids birthday parties… But if I’m totally honest I don’t enjoy them. If I’m REALLY honest, I kind of dread them. Often they are fancy dress (although thankfully neither of the ones that I went to this weekend were – sigh of relief). There are birthday cards and presents to get, invites to remember where you put (although I have a system with Evernote which works as long as I remember to put them in there when I first get them). Then you have to hang around in a group of people that you may not know very well or (hypothetically speaking) have a lot in common with. Although even if they were your best friends you wouldn’t have time to chat as your beloved offspring would surely interrupt any attempt at conversation by falling over, or needing a nappy change or something else.

I just find the whole thing a bit of a drag!! I’d rather be sitting in my garden having a gin and tonic.

My ideal kids party would be where u drop off your child, they go into a separate room to be entertained by a professional while you are served something alcoholic and grown up nibbles and when the kids are ready, someone drives your slightly tipsy self home!! Yeah I know!!

PS: the kids had a lovely time though and I guess that’s the point so grumble over!!! lol




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