Glastonbury – Day 4 (Saturday)

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I spoke to the kids this morning. They were funny! The first thing Joshua said was “can you come home right now mummy?”. My heart broke into several tiny peices. That was swiftly followed by “did you buy me a sword?”. I put them on speakerphone so Ben (and everyone else) could hear them. They were so cute. It made my morning. I had been feeling a little guilty and sad when I woke up and it made me feel happy just to hear their voices.

Next morning (Sunday) 10.30am. The Rolling Stones were amazing. It was absolutely packed. I took some photos of the crowd that just went back as far as you could see. We started off with 3 chairs but it was soon clear that that was a bad idea and we put them away (until later when my back started to hurt a lot and we put one of them back up and took turns to sit down – festivaling for oldies!!). After Rolling Stones we went to Arcadia (fire show thing) with the intention of sitting down for a bit but it soon got even more crowded than the Stones and we had to put the chairs away again. It was horribly crowded. People pushing. In the end we decided that it wasn’t worth waiting for the fire show thing to kick off and made a move off. My stomach started to play up around then and walking back to camp was and ordeal and a half. I had to keep stopping. When I finally got back to the tent I went into the loo tent and then crashed in bed. My stomach is still churning now.

I ate: bacon, sausages, & scrambled eggs on toast (the best festival eggs you’ll ever have- thanks Adam!), chicken & mushroom pie and mash. I forgot to take pictures of my food 🙁

I drank: tea, tea, gin & tonics, tea, wine, vodka and redbull

I saw: masses and masses of people of all shapes, sizes and outfits

I met: Lady who gave me a hairband as I was one short for my pigtail plaits, Two lovely couples whose names i cant remember who both had very cool chairs that u sit in on the floor and just lean back, Sam Walker & Toby (from Farnham who knows the lady who runs the local cafe where my mum lives), lady who lives very near to the festival who was on her own for the day as no-one else could get tickets, lady who gave me a massage during Rolling Stones (back and neck were hurting), a lady who took pictures of my pigtail plaits for some exposé about the Rolling Stones, finally very nice girl who took our photo during Rolling Stones and insisted on getting loads of poses so we got the best shot!! (Will have to wait until we get back as they were on Cath’s camera),

Bands I saw: KT Tunstall, The Proclaimers, Primal Scream (the end of), The Rolling Stones

Weather: sunny


























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