Glastonbury – Day 2 (Thursday evening)

Walked about 10, tadalafil 000 miles. Drank a hell of a lot of vodka & redbull, salve had really shitty stomach cramps.

I ate: bugger all (about to have potatoes in the fire)

I drank: vodka & redbull (a lot)

I saw: random French metal/rap disco at Shangrila, bloke with skeleton face paint,

I met: Neil (old festival buddy) & friend (guy), Simon (Australian bus random – again), welsh metallers – lovely couple who deserve to have a massive family, Brazilian lady on hill & hubby, lovely couple who got engaged yesterday (here at the festival – we all agreed they should get married here too),

Weather: raining then dried out (still very muddy)







Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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