Holiday journal day 1 (Wednesday 22nd May)

4.12pm – am on the plane listening to music on my iPhone. Lala is say next to me watching Toy Story 2 on the iPad using her new fab pink headphones witch have gone Down a treat I have to say. Joshua has some blue ones the same  I know we’re not there yet but this is so far the easiest plane journey we’ve done. They’ve both been fairly well behaved. We remembered pretty much everything we needed to keep them occupied. We have no pushchair this year. I wasn’t sure if we should have taken one but we definitely made the right choice. It’s SOOOO much easier without one.

18.01. I had to say it didn’t I!!! Easiest flight yet! My arse. Actually it’s not been that bad. But the drinks and food took forever to come and then when Joshua and Ben finally got their drinks Joshua was sick all over himself. He’s now sat next to me in one of Lala’s t-shirts. Then as we were trying to deal with that the air staff kept trying to come down the aisles to clear up and Lala nearly knocked our finished food trays everywhere.

Now having a quiet five minutes as Lala is now sitting with daddy and I’m with josh who is quietly watching Rio.

I am gasping for a cup of tea. I had one in the lounge before Ben came and told us it was time to go and had to rush to loo with Joshua.

Ah. Got a cup of tea. Had to go to the back of the plane to ask for it. It has some lovely looking scum on it. Yum


Have moved over to Turkish time. Arrived in Istanbul. Got through Turkish customs and got visas and everything. Panicked thinking that we were going to miss our flight before realised we were looking at wrong flight info. Now sitting in gate lounge waiting for it to open.

The kids have been running around, climbing over and under the rows of chairs, pretending to be mice (presumably the rows of chairs are their burrows but I can’t be sure).

Am looking forward to getting on that plane. And even more at getting to the house and going to bed. It’s going to be very late when we get home.

3.45am Thursday.

Finally got here. Kids now tucked up in bed. Lying on sofa contemplating going to bed.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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