Bank holiday weekend

Its Wednesday already and the bank holiday weekend feels like a distant memory – as does the lovely weather (today its warm but cloudy and a bit rainy).


I had a lie-in and then went to Basingstoke to the Apple Store to drop my laptop in to be repaired – the FaceTime camera was not working. While there I took the opportunity to have a nice coffee sans children.

After I got back we just chilled in the garden.

paddling pool both


paddling pool lala


The usual Rugby Tots followed by picking up some Peppa Pig toys for £1 through a Facebook selling site, followed by going (with Lala) to the Apple Store again to pick up my laptop. We were there early so had to wait in Starbucks for half an hour before going in. I had a latte and a very naughty chocolate muffin (the kind with the gooey chocolate stuff in the middle) and Lala had a twizzle (the one with hundreds and thousands).


We had to wait around for a little while while I did the paperwork for my laptop repair (new screen) but they have a table set up with ipads with only kids games on them and Lala found the drawing game that she likes.

apple store

Then in the afternoon we went to a family fun day at a pub (and surrounding field) near Fleet. Lala got her face painted.


They both went on the big bouncy slide thing and bouncy castle and we all had icecreams. I took Lala on the Tea Cup ride:

teacup ride


We spent the morning cleaning ready for a Barbecue (my parents came over). Then later, hubby’s parents came too. The kids ran around outside in the sun, going in the paddling pool and trampoline.


That’s a fairly brief rundown of what our weekend was like. I hope its okay. I’m figuring that the pictures will make up for the lack of words. As you may have indicated I have lost a little bit of confidence this week and the urge to blog has not been there. I will keep on as I do enjoy it. Just need my mojo back.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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