Do you ever feel?

Do you ever feel:

– like nothing you do will ever be good enough so why bother?
– like there is no way you can be as good as everyone else out there, so you don’t try?
– disheartened when you see that someone else has been recognised for THEIR work when you feel you put just as much if not more effort into your work as they did theirs
– like in order to get peace of mind you would need to be on a dessert island thousands of miles away far away from everyone…
– like you need to lose weight to feel good about yourself but you need to feel good about yourself before you can get the motivation to lose weight
– like bedtime can’t come soon enough…
– like everyone is judging you (particularly those closest to you)

One Thought on “Do you ever feel?

  1. yes, all the time! people always say if you try hard enough you’ll get there (and things along those lines) but I always give things I want to succeed in 100 % and then you can still have those moments like, eugh, why and feel like you’re just getting nowhere and no-one realises how hard u actually are trying/working?
    well that’s how I feel sometimes anyway lol *off on a tangent*

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