Sitting on the decking

(written yesterday/Thursday evening)


I’m sitting on my decking (which is a bit of a mess I have to say) drinking a gin and tonic. Its a sneaky gin and tonic as hubby is all about losing weight right now and I am too – or I should be. I just don’t have as much willpower as he does. Plus its such a nice day and I just fancied one. Sadly I had to break open a bottle of the blue stuff (can’t remember the name – but its the expensive kind) as we don’t have any standard gin, that I could find. We didn’t have any lime either and gin and tonic just isn’t the same without lime. Oh well, its still nice. Although its getting a bit nippy out here.

I am going to be studying tonight. I have just one more lesson left in my course (Prince2 Foundation course) and then I need to do some practice exams before I book the real exam which I can do from home via the comfort of my own home. Assuming I can get my webcam to work!!!
I have been looking around at other jobs a bit lately and I have a phone interview tomorrow at 2pm. I am really excited about this role. I don’t want to say anymore in case I jinx it but its a better job, more interesting, more money and closer to home. Perfect!
After I’ve done my last lesson and the test at the end I think I’m going to have a nice relaxing bath. I haven’t done that in a while. Showers just don’t do it for me. Obviously I have them in the morning. They’re fine for getting clean. But for relaxation it has to be a bath every time. Plus my hair is very thick and dry and it likes to have conditioner sat on it for half an hour or so to make it soft and there isn’t time in the shower for that.
I had better go put my dinner on.
Dinner on. That didn’t take long. Its a reduced Tesco Finest meal with spanish chicken. Its smells lovely.
Right now life feels good. Work is a bit dull. But the lovely summer weather is really lifting my spirits. That and the fact that, after a bit of a break from studying while I was ill, and then feeling like I was never going to get back into it, I am actually nearly finished, plus I have an interview which proves that I must have some skills that someone out there finds useful. I also updated my profile on LinkedIn – or is it LinkdIn. No idea. Anyway, I’m now on there and my profile basically reflects my CV. I’ve connected to anyone I could find that I knew – both personal and professional (hubby says he gets most job offers – he’s head-hunted a lot) through there and I’ve updated all my skills and things. We are going on holiday soon, we are going to have the conservatory done, we have sorted out some childcare issues that we were having (more about this later – I can’t really say much right now) and life might be about to get a lot less stressful for us.
Sounds like my dinner’s ready (Microwave).
Have managed to finish my last lesson of my training, while intermittently dealing with the children who were refusing to go to bed. Hubby has gone out to vote in the local elections. I suppose I’d better do it too but I really want to have a bath now. I reckon he’ll be a while!
Next I need to do the mock exam for my course and see how I go. If I don’t do very well, I’ll go back and redo some of the lessons.

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