Weekend A&E visit & haircuts

This weekend was always due to be a busy one but it took quite an interesting turn on Saturday afternoon.

I went out with some friends on Friday night. Usually hubby and I would have met these friends together as they are mutual friends but we hadn’t found a babysitter and didn’t want to rely AGAIN on family so he decided to sit it out and let me go as he had been out to the Beer Ex on Thursday night. I was picked up by two of these friends at 7.4opm and we headed down to a small pub that has a nice atmosphere to meet the other couple who actually had arranged the meet up. I was feeling quite stressed and in need of lots of wine and that was exactly what I got. That and good grown up company. And it didn’t cost me a thing. I did mention that I didn’t plan on doing rounds because I only have £12 for the night and after that my friends just kept going to the bar putting wine in front of me, telling me not to worry about it. They are absolutely lovely for doing this. I did try to give them money but they insisted. Which makes me feel a little bad as the only reason I’m poor (and I did own up to this) is because I’ve spent money on silly things over the last few months. Nothing extravagent but just buying things when I didn’t really have the money and I probably didn’t need the things. Anyway, thank you lovely friends if you read this. I was quite drunk by the end of the evening. I ran into an old friend who I knew when I was 18 or so and worked in a pub near my parents house (which has since been knocked down – the pub, not my parents house). We shared a taxi home – well, shared probably isn’t the right word as again I didn’t pay for anything – so I guess I cadged a lift home in their taxi (we live in the same area) and I stumbled in. I stayed up and watched some TV for a bit as I felt a bit too drunk to go to bed. I had some tea and made myself some chips (drunken munchies) which I ate with hot sauce.

So, Saturday morning I had a bit of a hangover and it was my turn to get up with the kids. To be fair, I don’t really mind as I tend to get up early if I have a hangover anyway as I need to drink copious amounts of tea until I start to feel better. We got hubby up at about 10am. I WOULD have had my hair appointment at 10.30am but I had cancelled it due to aforementioned money troubles. I don’t mind my hair actually. Maybe I should grow it longer. So me and the kids just chilled out a bit watching movies.

20130429-114248.jpgWe had hair appointments for the kids at a children’s hairdressers in town at 3pm so at about 2pm we started getting the kids in the car. Unfortunately though, Lala fell over out the front of the house and cut her hand quite badly. It bled quite a lot and looked like it might have needed stitching or glueing together. So we all got in the car and my husband drove us to A&E where me and Lala went to the children’s A&E department, which, I have to say, is a really amazing thing. I think its just brilliant how quickly kids get seen and dealt with. The waiting room has tonnes of toys and a TV and the staff are always lovely with the kids. We were seen within 10 minutes (possibly 5) and they decided that, because I couldn’t rule out that it was glass that cut her hand, it was b20130429-114310.jpgest to X-Ray it. However, Lala had other ideas and wouldn’t put her bad hand into the required position on the machine. So after two goes we had to give up and I went back to kids A&E. I told them what happened and they had a very quick look at her hand by which point it had stopped bleeding and looked much better so they said that it looked a very clean cut and could just be cleaned and have a dressing put on it and we were sent to a cubicle to wait to be seen. We had a bit more of a wait this time (25 mins maybe) during which Lala went to full steam running around trying to peek into the cubicle next to us, to sitting on my lap and passing out. At which point they came to clean her cut! She wasn’t best pleased, but she was very good and brave and they even gave her a teddy bear for being such a good girl.

20130429-114321.jpgSo we went to buy her a lolly after that and waited for hubby and Joshua to come and pick us up after Josh’s hair cut. He had been a very good boy too and let them cut his hair and Daddy bought him a new toy for being so good. We all went home and put Rio on again (their new favourite movie) and Lala went to be extra early.




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  1. Just picking up on the hair cuts and the lack of money. When mine were young, OK they were boys so it was easier, but I bought a set of hair clippers, cost (then) £25.00, so after 3 lots of trims it had paid for itself. Still have them now, and although the boys are now men and pay for their own hair cuts etc. I use it on husband’s hair and beard, and its still going strong after 20 years – if you decide to do this though, dont be tempted to buy a cheap one, they are rubbish. You could always find a mobile hairdresser who comes to you to do you and Lala, they tend to be considerably cheaper than a shop as they dont have the overheads, and will fit round your needs. Hope this helps. Pleased you enjoyed a night out with your friends, thats what friends are for.
    Joy xx

    • Thanks. I wasn’t too worried about the cost of the kids hair. My daughter only REALLY needed her fringe done which I managed to do later on with scissors. It was my son that desperately needed a cut. It really was a mess. And I just thought it would be easier to take him to the kiddy salon. They have aeroplanes and stuff they can sit in. Plus hubby was paying! I like my son’s hair longish as I don’t think a buzz cut would suit him so I think I do prefer the hairdressers but this is the first time he’s had it cut as the last time I tried to take him (when he was 2 or so) he wouldn’t let them near him. I was quite proud of him for letting them do it this time. My daughter is another matter. She’s happy for me to play with (and cut) her hair (although with regards cutting the bulk of it, I would rather a professional did it as I might make a mess) although she still won’t let me put clips in it or put it up in a pony tail or pigtails!

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