Mental Health Monday week of Monday 22nd April #MHMonday

Here is my page that explains about #MHMonday and what you need to do to join in: #MHMonday

I just drafted an entire post about how depressing I am finding the news at the moment about how its all doom and gloom. I put quite a lot of effort into writing it and WordPress has gone and lost it when I tried to post it. Must use evernote in future to draft posts! She says, writing this straight into WordPress.

Anyway, I can’t be bothered to rewrite the whole thing as, quite fittingly on a Mental Health post, the whole idea of redoing it…. well, I’d rather flush my own head down the toilet, lets put it that way. Blogging has not come naturally to me the last week or so (probably why mostly I just haven’t done it) and this is the last straw. I’m in a blogging downer. So there, that’s me. That’s my mental health monday post for this week.

I’m too depressed to bother to write it. Haha. No, not really. I’m okay just tired from being ill and I am not feeling the blog love.

Please do link up. I would love to read your thoughts and experiences.

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2 Thoughts on “Mental Health Monday week of Monday 22nd April #MHMonday

  1. Urgh I know how you feel, sometimes I blog like it’s going out of fashion and others days it’s the hardest thing to do ever. And I agree with the news being hard to watch, sometimes it can be overwhelming! Hope you feel better soon x

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