When I get better…

(and I’m not really ill or anything – just a flu-cold possibly glandular fever (hubby had it 2 weeks ago and his symptoms were exactly the same as mine…)

When I get better, I will (hopefully)

  1. Get on top of the washing & tidy the house. Hubby is doing his best but he is only one person tidying up after 2 grownups and 2 little buggers
  2. Get on with my studying. I haven’t looked at it for weeks and I really need to crack on
  3. Make a real effort to track points (Weight Watchers) – I haven’t really been eating much the last few days so hoping that’s lost me a bit of weight which would be a good start. I normally comfort eat, and therefore put ON weight when I’m ill but its kind of hard to indulge when it really hurts to swallow – I thought it was getting better last night too but its back to being really painful again 🙁
  4. Go through the house and find stuff I don’t need and sell it. Got a house full of crap and a bank which is either empty or in the red (if that means overdrawn)
  5. Really enjoy drinking a hot cup of tea before it goes cold. I am still drinking tea but I take so long in between sips because it hurts that by the time I’m half way through, it’s gone cold!

I think that’s it. I had to take a sleeping pill last night. Another one (I took one friday night too). And I very rarely use them (this prescription was from 2009 so that’s how often I use them and the thing is half full (I think there were like 14 pills) but since I’ve got ill I just can’t seem to switch off. I am not going to allow myself to take one tonight. 3 nights in a row is just too much.

4 Thoughts on “When I get better…

  1. Steph on April 14, 2013 at 17:40 said:

    Hope your feeling better soon 🙁 x

  2. You’ll get through it, its just at the time it seems insurmountable! Feel better.

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