Mental Health Monday – Monday 8th April to Sunday 14th April #MHMonday

Here is my page that explains about #MHMonday and what you need to do to join in: #MHMonday

Well, I’m back again for another week of Mental Health Monday. See last week’s post here. Just to clarify as there was some confusion last week – as its quite a limited topic – and I’m not expecting hundreds of people to join in (although I’d love if they did), I’m running this linky to START on a Monday but it will run all week until the Sunday of that week.

Last week, Instinctive Mum was the first to join the #MHMonday linky with her evocative poem A Monster Ate My Mum. Reading this really brought back my own memories of post natal depression after my son and the guilt that you feel about how your condition – because it really is a condition, a disease, is affecting those around us. Thank you so much for sharing that.

This week I would like to share something that I wrote this week. I was thinking a lot about the misconceptions of mental illness and how people can sometimes treat you. This can be in any social situation, but personally I have found that in the workplace you can come across many people who don’t understand, are judgemental and in the past I even had people who seemed to use what they saw as my weakness as ammunition against me. So here is something I wrote earlier in the week when thinking about these things:

Just because I cry does not mean I am weak
Just because I have panic attacks does not mean I am mad
Just because I have trouble concentrating does not mean I am useless
Just because I do myself down does not mean I am incapable
Just because I feel boundless empathy, it does not mean I don’t care about those closest to me
Just because sometimes struggle to cope, does not mean I’m not strong
Just because I suffer with mental health problems,
does not make me a less worthwhile individual than anyone else.

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8 Thoughts on “Mental Health Monday – Monday 8th April to Sunday 14th April #MHMonday

  1. A fantastic poem, I find it so hard when people just think I’m feeling sorry for myself, or that I’m somehow less of a person for being ill. Your poem took the words right out of my mouth x

  2. I can’t really enter this linky as personally I haven’t suffered from mental health issues, though I do have a long term ex who suffers very badly, as does my best friend. I feel their pain but I don’t ever seem to know how to help or take it away. They feel isolated because of the stigma attached, as though it something they shouldn’t or mustn’t discuss publicly. I also lost a very dear friend who suffered in silence for many years and eventually committed suicide six years ago in July. I miss him very much and wish that he had been able to open up to someone, anyone. Who knows, maybe it might have helped him…

    Don’t really know why I’m leaving this comment, but I did want to show my support and say that I think it’s wonderful that you’re highlighting this important, and difficult issue. Too many people shy away from discussing it. Here’s to more like you my dear!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

    • You can enter it if you want. I think it would be really helpful to hear someone’s perspective from the outside looking in. Please do enter if you would like to. I would be very interested to read your take on it.

  3. Wish I’d found your blog earlier, would definitely have taken part

  4. Whoa – posting from mobile and froze mid sentence! Meant to conclude with: will look out for this next time around. Thanks :-

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