Day out with kids and dogs

We’re just back from a nice walk with the dogs. I say nice. What I actually mean is that on the way to Devil’s punchbowl there was a lot of shouting – Ben shouting at the dogs to stop jumping up and trying to get out of the boot, the kids shouting at the dogs and each other. Me shouting at everyone else to stop bloody shouting! We went via Sainsburies as I hadn’t had my daily Starbucks yet and I can’t face a dog walk without caffeine. We also needed nappies for Lala and certain toilettries for me that a lady needs at a particular time of the month (which I shouldn’t even be having as I’m in the middle of my pack of pills and its the mini pill so I should eventually just not get them anymore – but apparently not yet. Anyway. Explains the grumpiness – more than usual anyway). So anyway, I was nearly pulling my hair out before we’d even got to Sainsburies. I did the shop and got my starbucks and then we headed off to the Devil’s Punchbowl.

Sadly one of us had mentioned that we were going to a “park”. What we meant was that we were taking the dogs for a walk in the outdoors – like a public park – but what Joshua understood was somewhere with slides and swings so it took about half an hour of screaming, crying and windging before he calmed down. Even then he was never exactly calm because he either fell over or didn’t want to walk and eat his crisps at the same time. I would love to say I was the epitome of calm and managed to hoax him out of his bad mood….. but that would be lying. I left his dad to deal with it and skipped ahead with Lala who was a happy bunny, hopping along and looking at the sky and trees and stuff.


Lala – happy as usual

Once Joshua had more or less forgotten to keep being grumpy we had a reasonably nice time. Although there was still quite a lot of Joshua-shaped whining. We saw some horses and the dogs had good sniffs of other dogs and tried to run off with someone else’s owners… the usual stuff.


Grumpy boy

We went back to the car and headed into Haslemere to a pub – the Swan or something. We sat on comfy sofas. The kids and Ben had burgers. I had nachos (yum) and a glass of wine (double yum). There was a couple with their baby and (presumably) grandparents and they let me hold it and everyone made jokes about me wanting another one (don’t think I do actually but baby was very cute – girl, 9 months old). Then the kids had icecream and I had a coffee and we all got into the car and went home.



I bribed them with icecream and got a photo out of it


Chips & icecream cheered him up!



We played Eye-Spy on the way home which was pretty funny. And actually, for a little while, I felt like we are a proper family – not proper exactly but the kind that all have fun together without someone having a strop or something going wrong!!! Not that we aren’t a proper family but sometimes when we go out to do something that is supposed to be fun or nice for the kids it ends up feeling like its more trouble than its worth – although I know that we can’t just stay at home and watch movies all day every weekend.

Anyway, we’re home. I have tea and we’re all on the sofa watching Toy Story!!! Bedtime soon! Yay!




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